What Are Characteristics Of The Geothermal Heating And Cooling Systems?

What are characteristics of the geothermal heating and cooling systems? It heats and cools. In heating, it will take the heat from the ground through the fluid circulating tubing and through a heat pump process. In cooling, you transfer heat into the cooler ground as opposed to the hot outdoor air. It is more efficient.

A geothermal system does both, it heats and cools. In the heating mode, we are basically taking the heat out of the ground through the tubing which has a fluid circulating through it. Through a heat pump process, we are extracting that heat and intensifying it with a refrigeration system or compressor just like you would have in a heat pump or air conditioner. At that point, the temperature of the refrigerant will be very hot and we will be passing the air over an air coil container that has hot gaseous refrigerant. Then the air will be heated and redistributed throughout the house's warm air.

In the cooling mode, we are acting very similar to the way a normal air conditioner heat pump works, with the exception that we are transferring that heat into the cooler ground as opposed to very hot outdoor air temperatures. By doing it that way, we have much higher efficiency and a much flatter efficiency curve, simply because the ground temperature stays very constant to moderate- certainly much cooler than air temperatures. So we are taking heat out of the air in the home during cooling and dissipating that into the cooler earth.

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