Characteristics Of Last Born Child

Here are some characteristics of the last born child.

The last born child has many distinctive characteristics. Being born last would mean the child is very co-dependent upon other siblings as well as parents.

They typically are given everything they want because they were the last to be born. They expect a lot of attention and affection from family members. Especially when in a group of peers or siblings, they will draw much attention directly to themselves. When the last born has a problem, they are they type to need a person to drop everything and go to them to help them, or to just listen.

They feel this way becuase all of their life people have been around to help them, and to solve the problems they have. When a last born does not get their way about something, whether career wise, or relationship wise, they tend to pout and sulk for days afterward. Typically when they were young children they were often the only small child in the house, thus getting anything they wished because there was no one to share with.

Career-wise a last born child would be good at jobs that depend on them, but not have everyone just depending on them. Being a middle of the road person employment wise due to the fact that they do not handle pressure well at all. A last born would not be good in management because they are too codependent on anothers opinion. They are a good middle person, such as a secretarial job. They can have a creative side, but are way too over critical and would take them long periods of time to finish a project due to having to change and or revise it.

A romantic relationship with a last born would mean lots of attention and affection all the time. They have a need to be taken care of. Often times this can lead to the last

born being too dependent on their partner, making them feel smothered.The last boen tends to also need to have a lot of order in a relationship. Without order, they feel at loss, like they are not the most important thing in the relationship. The best person to be with a last born child, would be the first born. The first born has a natural instinct to take care of others. So the best chances for a long lasting relationship would be that match.

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