What Are Some Characteristics Of The Southern Colonial Design?

What are some characteristics of the Southern Colonial design? The southern colonial generally was brick, the kind of Weinberg-type look. The southern colonial generally was brick, the kind of Weinberg type...

The southern colonial generally was brick, the kind of Weinberg type look. You see a lot of it in the east coast- but in the north, colonial is generally a clabbered look. There is much less freedom in the design; it is much more symmetrical and your light patterns and your windows are generally 15 and 18 double hung windows. You generally have patterns of what they call a "5, 4 and a door." This is where you have five windows on the second floor and four windows on the door in the middle. There are actually certain colors that go with that too. Up in the northeast, if you do a colonial, your house is white and you would have a black door. You might get a little crazy and do a hunter- green door and then you have black shutters. It's a very symmetrical look; there is not a whole lot of freedom in designing those generally. If they don't have the house masses up, you can do some things with it, but it's pretty set. It's got a set of rules that go with it that you must abide by for it to look right on a colonial. Vertically, the massing of the overall building is usually horizontal, but the punctures in the wall are generally vertical and you have tall narrow windows. The reason for this is because of what they had when they built at that time. They could only get narrow windows and that created the set of rules that we must follow even though we don't have to use narrow windows today. To make it look like a colonial, you need to make it look like the traditional 19th century colonials.

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