Chat Room Terms And Lingo

Many people frequent online chatrooms. Understanding the lingo is part of the fun. I have compiled a list of phrases and abbreviations commonly used in chatrooms.

In the last few years, the change in computer technology has brought about a vast increase in communication for society. No longer are the days of tying up the phone line with casual chatter. Instead we are now tying up the phone line with our computers (unless you run cable or DSL).

That¡¦s right, many of us are chatting online with our cyber friends. Most of the search engines out there have chatrooms, all of them categorized and sub-categorized to suit each individual interest. The types of chatrooms range from religion to teens to adult, whatever topic you desire you will find it in one of these many rooms. The attraction for most is that you are an on screen identity. You can express your feelings or vent if you feel the need. You choose your online name and you're ready to chat. People can be whoever they want to be, it is kind of a fantasy world, and perhaps having an alter ego is exciting for some people.

For the beginner chatter it can be puzzling watching the words and sentences quickly scroll up your screen. The many abbreviations do not appear to make sense to the new chatter. Once you understand the chatroom lingo, you will be ready to take part in an online chat session. Here are some of the chatroom abbreviations and lingo:

A/s/l: age/sex/location

Lol: laughing out loud

Rofl: rolling on the floor laughing

Wb: welcome back

Ty: thank you

Brb: be right back

Cya: see you later

Omg: oh my god

Semi colon-right parentheses: Æ'º (happy face)

¡§ ¡§-Left ¡§ ¡§: Æ'¼ (sad face)

b4: before

u: you

whaddya: what are you -¡K.

Bout¡¦: about

How r u?: how are you

4get: forget

4c: forsee

/|\: peace

You will also note the poor grammar and spelling while visiting a chatroom. Long drawn out sentences will leave you behind in the discussion. Chatters want to get their message across as quickly, but as ledgably as possible. Here are some things to watch for, so you understand the meanings.

I was here before you ¡V I was here b4 u

What are you going to do about it ¡V whaddya gonna do bout it

You can¡¦t foresee that ¡V u can¡¦t 4c that

Peace be with you - /|\ b w/u

Kewl: cool

Don¡¦cha: don¡¦t you

B achya: back at you (returning the gesture or greeting)

Unfortunately, there are some chatters who just visit the rooms to cause disruptions. They start using profanity and rude remarks. Luckily when you are in a chatroom, there is an ignore option, so feel free to use it when in that type of situation. If you would rather chat with someone one on one, you can invite him or her into a private chatroom. Another available option for use in the chatrooms is emotions. Usually there is an emote option in the sidebar, you can send hugs, kisses or other endearing messages. Also there are emotions such as confusion, stubbornness etc. confusion would appear beside your chat name something like this, ¡¥Stella: raises her eyebrows in a state of confusion.

There are many of these options to choose from. The listed information above is some guidelines for the beginner chatter. Once you understand some of the chatroom lingo, it can make for a fun and interesting experience.

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