Cheap Bithday Party Ideas

Ideas for having a cheap birthday party for your child, when you are limited on how much you can spend

Birthday parties are what makes turning five, fifteen, and even fifty fun. But sometimes, we just don't have the money to throw together a fancy celebration. So what's a parent to do? The following are some wonderfully helpful tips on how you can have a great party without the cost:

1. Make your own invitations on a 5x7 card stock. On one side, give the information to the party and on the other side, the mailing address. This will save money because the postage is cheaper, as are the cards.

2. Decide on a theme using things that you already have around the house.

For instance, a beach party theme would require setting out a wading pool, lawn chairs, umbrellas, beach towels, sunglasses, colorful plastic plates and cups, and the use of your own grill. The guests could come dressed up in beach attire, as well.

A costume party would require bringing out Halloween decorations and having everyone dress up in those long forgotten costumes.

3. The cake could be made from home, using a boxed cake mix and icing, then decorated with things from around the home. And, if cake isn't an option, a pie will do.

For instance, a child's birthday cake can be decorated with action figures found in his or her toy chest (after being washed, of course).

A teenage daughter's birthday cake can be decorated with CD album covers of her favorite rock band and floral hair pieces.

An adult's cake can be decorated with knick knacks that are lying around the house, as well as miniature picture frames of the kids.

4. When it comes to food, the simpler the better. Look at your cupboards and see what you have available. Just remember that whatever you decide, the food dishes should be made ahead of time, so that you can enjoy the party, too.

Could you make a huge pot of chili or stew with corn bread?

What about spaghetti and bread?

How about a casserole dish?

What about hamburgers and hot dogs?

Can you ask family members to potluck the meal?

What if it's an overnighter? How about nothing but the junk food you have laying around the house?

You can even plan a party after others have already eaten lunch or dinner?

5. What about drinks you ask?

Purchase a large container of powdered drink mix and mix it in a large bowl, with ice. Don't forget to have a ladle readily available. There is no reason to purchase cans of drinks, as they are often left around half drunk.

6. As for entertainment:

Think of games that could get everyone involved like Pictionary or Charades.

There's no need to hire a clown, musician, or story teller; let alone a jumper. Just use a little imagination and think what the last one did at one of your parties and re-enact those things yourself.

Consider having a talent contest, where the kids do all the entertaining, while having some fun themselves.

For teenage or adult parties, ask a family member to play Disk Jockey with the music you have in your own home; do not hire someone else to do it.

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