Cheap Men's Clothing

Cheap men's clothing or how to look like a million dollars without actually spending that kind of money.

Everyone wants to be fashionable, even men, or at least women would like to see their male companions to be well dressed, stylish and hip. Fashion for men has never been in the forefront of the fashion industry, however, it is making a bigger statement now than ever before. Men are now becoming more aware of the fashion industry, and what is happening in the world of fashion. There are now magazines that focus on fashion for males, and stores now specifically cater to the needs of men, besides suit stores. Like in women's fashion, there are trends that need to be avoided and left to the designer catwalks. This article will focus on the hottest and most realistic values that can be obtained from that wonderful world of fashion, how to achieve a successful office look for that new "˜business casual' look, and what works for "˜play time', without breaking the bank.

Colors are a fairly universal concept for what is hot and what is not. The hottest colors for fall and winter are black, navy, gray, green, red, orange, and purples. Rich deep colors with little or no patterns seem to be the most popular right now. As with women's fashion this season, a look that should be avoided is the unmatched look. For example wearing a Hawaiian shirt with pin striped pants, a look that purposely does not match. Personally, I think that this look needs to be left on the runway because if you do mix and match pieces, you may end up looking like you dressed in the dark. Simplicity is very big this season. The less "˜put together' you look the better.

Just like with women's fashion, there are fashion staples that every man should have in his closet. The core essential item that will never go out of style is a dark, single breasted, 3-button suit. It is both functionable and you never have to worry about it looking dated. Suits are useful in many different occasions, such as weddings, funerals, job interviews, or any events that require a "˜dressed up' look. Suits can cost approximately $200, but it is something that you will have for years to come. Another staple in every man's closet should be denim. Denim will never, ever go out of style. There are many different styles and shades of denim, however denim in itself will be around as long as there are humans on earth. After all, what else can you buy that only looks better the more it is worn? White tee shirts or undershirts are another staple for men who like to layer or wear a shirt underneath whatever they are wearing. Tees can be picked up in packages of 3 for under $10. A white dress shirt and tie should also be somewhere in the closet for unexpected events that may occur, then you are ready with your suit, shirt and tie without having to go out and buy new ones at the last minute. The final staple that I feel every man should have in his closet is a trench coat, preferably one with removable lining so that it can be worn in any season. This goes along with the suit rules; a dark single-breasted trench coat without any embellishments will last for years to come.

If you work in an office that has a "˜business casual' dress code, there are many fashion options available to you. This does not mean that jeans or denim are something you should wear, unless you have "casual Friday's", in which case denim is fine. Sweaters are the greatest option for a business casual atmosphere. They come in every color you can imagine, and the neck styles are numerous. Sweaters are a huge hit this season, no matter what color or what neckline they are in. Pairing a sweater with a pair of khaki pants or corduroy looks fantastic for less dressy offices. If you feel that it is not business enough, put on a collared shirt in a contrasting color underneath the sweater for instant "˜business' looks. Plain front khaki's or corduroy pants can be purchased for approximately $45, and sweaters can range from $25- 100 dollars depending on what type of fiber it is made of. One of my favorite looks that I have put together for business casual for friends and family is a pair of plain front khaki's with a gray crew neck sweater and a burgundy button down shirt underneath the sweater. That outfit looks fantastic regardless of hair and skin coloring.

"˜Play clothes', or casual wear has an entire new meaning in the world of fashion for men. There are so many choices available, from sports wear to denim to leather. The key to casual fashion is comfort. Tee shirts, sweats, jeans, they are all great looks for casual fashion. Casual looks should indicate who and what the person are all about.

Accessories for men should be kept simple and to a bear minimum. There are 3 items that every man should own accessory wise, and they are all shoes. Men should own a good pair of black dress shoes, very plain, and very comfortable to wear with suits and when dressing up. They should also own a pair of casual shoes or boots to wear, especially those working in the "˜business casual' atmosphere. These shoes should be black or brown in color, and be functionable for the office and casual events. The last pair of shoes every man should own is a good pair of running shoes for very casual outfits such as sweats or even with denim and a tee.

Fashion does not make the man, but rather the man makes the fashion. It should be fun, and inexpensive, not stressful, and worrisome that you don't look like the models Calvin Klein had modeling at his latest show. If you want to start dressing more fashionably, and even a little trendy, start buying the occasional fashion magazine for men. You can easily copy the looks shown in these magazines for a fraction of the cost of what the designers want for the clothing. If it is the ever-popular "˜retro' look that you are going for, start looking around for cool consignment shops and thrift stores. They always have authentic clothing from the 70's and 80's. Have fun with fashion, that is what it is such a big part of our culture for: not to depress and discourage.

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