Cheap Valentine Flowers

By Denise Bertacchi

  • Overview

    Cheap Valentine Flowers
    Valentine's Day has got to be the worst time of year to find a good deal on flowers--unless you plan ahead or think outside the box. There are still cheap deals to find on Valentine's flowers when you do a little homework. Avoid giving those half-dead grocery store flowers to your Valentine. Here are some tips on how to find cheap--but good--flowers for your Valentine's Day. Cupid would be proud.
  • Shop the Web

    If you plan ahead and allow time for shipping, you can send your Valentine cheaper flowers through one of several online florists. Stick with the big names for the best quality. Try or Both offer free shipping, free vase upgrades, or discounts if you shop early or say you heard of them on the radio. You'll get amazing fresh flowers without having to stand in line at the florist shop.
  • Shop Around Locally

    The florist shop isn't the only place to find beautiful Valentine's Day flowers. See if your town has a flower market or district, or a farmer's market that sells flowers. If your town has a flower district, see when the public hours are to avoid being turned away. Even if you can't purchase flowers at wholesale, the prices will be cheaper than what you'll find at the florist.
  • Membership Matters

    If you have a membership to Costco, Sam's Club or any of the other warehouse clubs, you'll find great and cheap deals on flowers at Valentine's Day.
  • Roses

    Roses are the most expensive flowers to give for Valentine's Day because they are the fantasy flower of the holiday. Long-stem roses are even more expensive, so if you must go with the typical flower, go short-stemmed. You can also save money by giving your Valentine one perfect long-stemmed rose rather than a dozen. Presentation counts, and if you're going to skimp on flowers, back it up with a bottle of wine or chocolates. A single rose should always be hand-delivered for maximum impact.
  • Non-Traditional Flowers

    Avoid roses all together and give your Valentine another variety of flower. Do your homework, because this will only work if you discover your Valentine's favorite flower. If she loves daisies, orchids or carnations, then give her those and make sure you explain yourself. Tell her that everyone gives roses, and only you know your Valentine well enough to give her her favorite flower.
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