Cheap Wedding Crafts: Wedding Bell Place Cards

Wedding bell place cards are an easy but beautiful item you can make yourself.

Wedding bell place cards are an easy but beautiful item you can make yourself.There are two styles of bell place cards you can make.

The first style is less expensive and takes a little more effort to make.

You will need to purchase the following items:

* White folding tent cards size 2-1/2 x 8-1/2

* Satin ribbon or cording to match your wedding colors, ¼ inch wide or less

* Gold or silver tie-on wedding-bell guest favors.They come in sets of 24 and are designed to be tied onto the wedding bubbles.They are made up of two or three tiny bells and a small ring, and are ¾ inch in size or smaller.You can also purchase single bells that up to an inch in size, just be careful to choose a bell that will not weigh your card down.

* Glitter pen in Gold, silver, or a color to match your wedding décor

* Clear labels to use with printer (optional)

* Hole punch

* Tiny bell stencil

Step 1:Fold each tent card and punch a hole in it.The hole can be in either the right or left corner, or in the center.You may want to make a few trial place cards to figure out which location is best for you.

Step 2:Using your bell stencil and glitter pen, make a simple bell image in the corner of your place cards.You can emboss the bell image into the card instead, if you wish.

Step 3:Cut your ribbon into 6-inch lengths to prepare for fastening the bells to the cards.Cut the ribbons at an angle for a more refined look.

Step 4:Using either your best handwriting and your glitter pen, or your computer and printer with clear labels, write the name of your guests on the front of each place card. Once seating is decided, you can write the table number on the back using your glitter pen.

Step 5: Attach the bell sets to the cards using the ribbon. You can use two ribbon colors together if they will fit through the holes.Tie your ribbons in a bow.

The second style much easier to make, but you will spend a little more money to make them.

You will need to purchase:

* Bell place card holders that come in various sizes and styles and are approximately 3 inches tall.Plan to spend a couple dollars or more per bell.

* Place cards similar in size and style to business cards

* Glitter pen or clear labels for use with a printer

* Bell stencil

Step 1:Stencil a simple bell image on the back of each place card.

Step 2:Write the name of each guest or couple on the front of each place card.You can print labels for these cards if you wish.

Step 3:Once the seating is decided, you can put the table numbers on the back of the card.Put the number either on or above the bell stencil.

Step 4:Insert the cards into the bell shaped cardholders.

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