Cheap wedding favors

If you have a large guest list for your wedding, you are most likely going to be looking for affordable wedding favors.

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and marriage!There are tons of options as far as favors are concerned.Sending your guests home with a wedding favor will make them feel special and they will have a small remembrance of your important day.Wedding favors can also be used as decorative accents for the tables at your reception if you would prefer not to have a "favor table."If you have a huge guests list, chances are that you are looking for wedding favors that are affordable and small in size.Here are two very viable and very lovely and classy options for your wedding favors:


Chocolates are an excellent wedding favor choice because you can make them yourself for very little money and in very little time, and almost everyone loves chocolate.While you can certainly buy already-made chocolate wedding favors, you will save lots of money by making them yourself.Get together with your bridesmaids and make a night of it.You can find everything you will need to make lovely and delicious chocolate wedding favors at your local crafts stores.All that you have to purchase are melting chocolates (also referred to as chocolate melting wafers), a mold (or multiple molds), a microwave-safe squeeze bottle, and foils (to wrap the chocolates in).You can get any type of chocolate that you want - milk, white, dark, or even colored melting chocolate (for example, if baby blue is a wedding color for you, you could get melting chocolates in that color).If you cannot find the exact color of chocolate that you want, get white chocolate, and then add food coloring after the chocolate is melted to achieve the desired hue.Popular molds for wedding favors are heart-shaped molds and flowers, but there will be many more to choose from if you so desire.

All you have to do is put your melting chocolates in the squeeze bottle, microwave them at medium power until they are melted, squeeze the melted chocolate into the molds, and refrigerate the molds until the chocolates harden; next, remove the chocolates from the molds, and wrap them in the foils.If you want to give your favors a more finished look, wrap two foil-wrapped chocolates in a small circle of tulle, and then tie the tulle closed like a pouch, securing it with a colorful ribbon (you could even have the ribbons personalized with your name, the groom's name, and your wedding date).


If you would prefer not to give edible favors to your wedding guests, candles are another very simple do-it-yourself option for large parties.You might be able to find very cheap, simple candles at a department store or craft store.If you can get a great deal on a bulk purchase of candles, don't worry about the fact that they are very simple-looking.You can dress them up by adding glitter or rhinestones to them with glue, or you could tie a bow around the middle of each candle.

You can also make your own candle wedding favors.It is almost the same as making chocolate wedding favors, and you will again be able to find everything you need at a crafts store.You need melting wax, pre-cut wicks with metal tab bases already attached, candle dye (if you want colored candles; you can also use food coloring), and molds.Melt your wax according to the instructions on the package that you get (some are microwavable; others have to be done on a double boiler or direct stovetop).Dip the base of your wicks in the melted wax and affix them to the bottoms of your molds.Hold the wicks up while you fill the molds with melted wax (you don't want to let the wick drop so that it is trapped inside the candle).You could put the candles in tulle or you could put them in inexpensive candle holders if you find some that you like (look at dollar stores for some good deals on candle holders).A nice touch when giving candles as a wedding favor is to include a box or book of matches with the personalization of your name, the groom's name, and your wedding date.

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