How To Find Cheap Wedding Invitations

A guide in assisting with finding or creating inexpensive wedding invitations.

Opening the mailbox and coming face to face with that pretty, fancy and well stuffed envelope, instantly alerts you to what it is - a wedding invitation.Though this well packed and organized invitation may look fancy and expensive it doesn't have to be.With a bit of bride and groom effort and little expense, your wedding invitation doesn't have to be one of those items with a large budget.Use some of these suggestions to minimize the cost.

A wedding invitation should set the theme of your wedding highlighting the colors selected as well as the style of wedding planned.Printed invitations should state the event, time, place and persons invited.A reception location should be specified as well as a return card of some type so an accurate count of attendees can be obtained.The rice paper in between, the heavy weight stationary and other inserts are optional.Keep in mind that the budget for invitations is not only for the printed-paper but postage too.You can save on printing but the post office charges are set in stone so calculate this portion first.

Invitations should be mailed out six to eight weeks before the wedding to allow attendees ample scheduling time and assist the reception site with an accurate head count.Postage for the invitation and the return card will be necessary but post offices are happy to weigh cards before mailing so don't be afraid to take a few samples that are ready to see if postage can be lowered.In addition, many post offices will offer and suggest wedding themed stamps to compliment your invitation.

A professional printer can produce invitations with a large variety of fonts, qualities of stationary or die cut styles with quality and accuracy assured.However, this convenience will be costly.To avoid this cost, the best method and growing trend, is to make your own wedding invitations.Though web designers, interior decorators or artists may have an advantage to designing and creating invitations, any average computer literate person can make invitations that will fit the bill.

Office supply, craft stores or discount wholesalers through the Internet can supply the basic envelopes, invitation and RSPV cards.Invitation kits may work into the budget but price the individual sections just in case and utilize coupons if you can. Try to match colors and styles with each invitation piece and, if possible, purchase an invitation that will reveal the style and color theme of the wedding.Look for average size envelopes to avoid additional postage charges and paper that will easily feed through a home printer.Purchase the quantity needed all at once with a few extras in case of errors; matching product a month later may be difficult.In addition, inquire the store return policy should the invitation quality not be up to your standard.

Experiment with the invitation, per usage instructions, as well as the computer's fonts and colors.Print a few examples and ask friends and family of their advice and opinions.

Consider using a post card RSVP instead of a card and envelope.The initial invitation will require less time and postage and a post card postage fee is less than a returned envelope.

Enlist the help of family members with good penmanship to help with the invitations.No one that is invited will compare invitations so having different handwriting on various invitations won't be a problem.

If hundreds of invitations are to be mailed, it may work to your advantage to check into printing at a local print shop, such as Kinko's or Sir Speedy.This will increase the invitation price but may be worth the bride and groom's time and effort.

If you feel elegance is reflected with rice or vellum paper in-between each section of the invitations, simply purchase a large roll of either paper from an office supply store and cut your own.

To add a personal or unique touch to an invitation, just get creative.Purchase stickers, scrapbook emphasizers, scanned photos, ribbon or imprinted wax to add that bit of style.

Devote the time to creating individual invitations and your efforts will pay off.

Inexpensive wedding invitations can be beautiful with research, time and effort.Sacrifice of your style or that touch of elegance that you dreamed of isn't necessary, you can, however, keep your wallet full and your budget on track.

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