How To Find A Cheap Wedding Ring

Tips and ideas to keep your wedding ring budget within range.

Wedding rings are the symbol of the union of two people.The band is a sign of faithfulness, love and combining of lives.Romantic myth requires that wedding rings be worn on the ring finger as an artery from that finger supposedly leads straight to the heart.True or not, it's a lovely sentiment.Though full of meaning and romance, weddings rings don't have to cost a fortune or be a large part of your wedding budget.

Try a few of these suggestions to save money on your wedding rings.

There are various metals available for wedding rings.Typically they are made from silver, gold, white gold or platinum.The price of the ring will vary by metal type with silver being the least expensive and platinum the most.Designs, stones and engraving will further increase the cost.Select a metal choice, color, width (thinner is less expensive) and finally a design based on your budget and personal preference.

A classic and elegant style can be achieved with simplicity.A plain, thin band of gold will represent itself well and should allow you to stay within a small budget.

If a design on the ring is preferred, discuss options with a jeweler to get the most ornate design for the least amount of money.Consider changing the base of the ring to silver to keep the cost down but still get the design desired.

If you fall in love with a designer-styled ring from a catalog or magazine, inquire if a jeweler can duplicate the look for less.Designer rings will cost the most.

Coordinating sets of an engagement ring and two wedding bands are usually less expensive than purchasing each piece individually.Many jewelry stores will have specials on sets during the summer so planning and purchasing in advance can save your money.

If the desired wedding ring contains a gemstone of some type, inquire about semi-precious stones as a replacement.

Engraving names, sentiments and the wedding date on the inside of the ring is standard procedure but if costly, don't be afraid to break from tradition or lower the cost by engraving initials instead of names.It can't hurt to ask if the engraving might be included should you purchase a set from the jeweler.The worst you'll receive is a resounding "no."

Comparison shop from jeweler to jeweler, as well as shops on the Internet.Be certain to read return policies before purchasing.The actual ring may look different in a catalog or online, requiring a return or exchange.

Shop at antique dealerships and estate sales as optional purchase places.

If the budget is very tight, perhaps a family heirloom will fit the bill.Resizing an older ring is very inexpensive and honoring the family with a "used" ring may bring you closer.Or, purchase what you can afford for the wedding and start saving for a wedding ring update on your third, fifth or tenth anniversary.

Plan to make the ring update romantic by renewing your vows and celebrating with family.

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