What Is A Check Card?

Find out about the handy check card and why you'll never need to write a check at the grocery store again.

You know all about MAC cards, those handy credit card sized wonders of modern man that allow us to access our cash at any time. You probably didn't think spending your money could get any easier after MAC's, especially when the ATM machines began popping up everywhere from street corners to fast food restaurants and you could grab a twenty on the run no matter where you were headed. Vacations became a little safer because you didn't have to carry too much cash with you and could just take a little from the bank at a time when you needed it. Well, now there is a new service called the check card. A check card is much like a MAC card and can be used in that way, but it can also be used in a great many number of other ways as well.

Check cards are issued by many banks and soon will be issued by all as customer demand is very high. A check card looks like a credit card and even bears the VISA symbol. Check cards can be used to pay for your groceries at your local store in place of personal checks and many stores are installing new gizmos that let you swipe your card on your own and enter your pin number to pay for your order. Check cards can be used anywhere in fact, that takes VISA credit cards.

The possibilities for spending your money are now endless! You can order merchandise on the internet, mail order, department store, hardware store, dinners out, any place that takes credit cards will take your check card and you don't need to have good credit to get one, all you need is a bank account with an establishment that provides the cards. If you don't already have a check card, ask your bank for one.

This seems to be the beginning of the inevitable phasing out of paper money and coins as we begin to rely more and more on our plastic cards. Be careful with your check card though, it may look like a credit card, but the money comes straight out of your checking account when you make a purchase, you don't get a month to pay it back!

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