How to Check a Credit Card Balance Online

By Gregory Hamel

  • Overview

    Credit cards provide easy access to cash and the convenience of automated spending, but they can become a source of continuous debt and frustration if you don't keep up with payments. Due to high interest rate and low required minimum payments, getting out of credit card debt can be extremely difficult. Because of the Internet, credit card balances are becoming easier to monitor and pay, which aids in keeping debt under control.
    • Step 1

      Go to the official website of your credit card provider. The provider is different from the card type. For example, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are card types, but there are many different companies that provide these cards. The provider is the bank or lending institution that issued the card, like Chase or Capital One, for example.
    • Step 2

      Register on the website. You will have to enter personal information as well as your credit card information. Once the registration process is complete, you may have to go to your personal email to confirm the registration before you can gain access to your account.

    • Step 3

      Log into your new online account. Once you are registered, use the password and user name you selected during registration to log in and view your credit card balance. Online account management is very useful for things apart from simply viewing card balance. For instance, automatic bill payments can be set up from external checking accounts, or manual payments can be made at any time.
    • Step 4

      Use your account to monitor your card balance. Depending on how often you use your card, it is a good idea to log into your online credit account once a week to keep tabs on your spending. Another important reason to check on balances on occasion is to ensure no strange activity has taken place that might indicate identity theft.
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    • Tip: If you notice any expenditures on your online account balance that you did not make, call your credit card company immediately.
    • Tip: Some credit cards allow an environmentally friendly "paperless" option, which means all account activity is carried out online.
    • Tip: Some credit card providers may not offer online amenities. If it is not easy to find and set up your online credit card account, call your credit card provider to inquire about online services.

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