How to Check HP Printer Ink Levels

By Launie Sorrels

  • Overview

    When you've finally finished that report and you're ready to print, it is terrible to find out the printer has run out of ink. Before this happens, check to make sure that you have the proper amount of ink in your printer for the project. A single page text report may not matter, but 100 brochures, 1000 business cards, or the 380-page novel you have been working on really does.
    How to Check HP Printer Ink Levels
    How to Check HP Printer Ink Levels
    • Step 1

      Double click the "HP Digital Imaging Monitor" icon on your task bar. The "HP Solution Center" window will open. The top right corner displays the ink levels.
    • Step 2

      Click the "Status" button. The HP status window displays.

    • Step 3

      Choose "View Ink Levels." The "HP Toolbox" window opens. This displays pretty much the same thing as in Step 2, but displays a little better view. You can also shop online to purchase more ink cartridges.
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    • Tip: HP claims that their ink detection software will only work with HP specific cartridges. They do not guarantee that it will work with third-party or re-filled ink cartridges.

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