How to Check Nurse Practitioner Licensing

By Ris Lexington

Before a nurse practitioner can find employment in a hospital, clinic, private office, school or nursing home, she must permit prospective employers to verify her license. If the nurse practitioner wishes to obtain employment in a state other than the state in which she holds a license, she must make sure her license is transferable.

  1. Verify the license of another party. Contact the state board of nursing where the nurse practitioner holds the license and request license verification.

  2. Verify your nurse practitioner license is transferable. Contact the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to check licensing requirements for a state other than the state in which you hold a nurse practitioner license. A license may or may not be transferable, as each state has different rules and regulations.

  3. Access Nursys to check nurse license and license discipline information. Nursys is an online database of information compiled from boards of nursing in the United States.

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