How to Get a Free Checking Account Online

By Frances Hall

  • Overview

    Online banking is often less expensive than brick-and-mortar banking which is why a lot of people are turning to it. It's relatively easy to set up and simple to manage. If you bank online you still have access to cash and can open up the same type of accounts you would at any other bank; savings, checking, cds and more.
    • Step 1

      Select a bank that you'd like to use for your new account. ING Direct is a popular all-online bank, but you can also open your checking account at any major bank like Chase or Bank of America.
    • Step 2

      Go to your bank's website. You can find its website by doing a Google search for the bank name and then clicking on the result for that bank.
    • Step 3

      Click on "Open an account." At Chase's website you need to first click on "Checking" before this is an option. On ING Direct's website, simply click on the orange button "Open an account." At the Bank of America website, click "Open an account."
    • Step 4

      Select the type of account you want to open and then fill in your personal information on the next screen. This is the application for the account. You will need to provide your Social Security number and other important information about yourself. These bank forms are secure so it is safe to input this information. (Note the ING version of a checking account is called "Electric Orange.")
    • Step 5

      Finish the form and submit it. You will need an opening deposit for your account, which you can transfer from any other bank where you currently have funds. If you do not yet have any kind of account with any bank, you will likely have to go to a branch or mail in a cashier's check to open the account.
    • Step 6

      Start banking online once you're approved for the account.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • A computer with Internet access
    • Your current bank information

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