Checking Orders Online

By Ty Arthur

  • Overview

    Whether it's a present you ordered for someone's birthday or a textbook you need for an upcoming class, waiting for an online order to arrive can be a frustrating experience. You may need to contact the merchant to ensure that your online order was sent on time and is in transit.
    Checking Orders Online
    • Step 1

      Go to the website where you originally placed your online order. Log in to your customer account and then search through the website until you locate an option to check the status of your order.
    • Step 2

      Verify that the order has been shipped and then check the estimated arrival date. Locate an email address or contact form for the merchant if the arrival date has already passed. Send a message to the merchant letting them know that you have not received your order and request that they let you know which service they used to send your order and provide you with a tracking number.

    • Step 3

      Wait for the merchant to respond and then navigate your web browser to the website of the shipping service the merchant used. Enter in the tracking number to check the status of the order.
    • Step 4

      If you don't get a reply to your email, call the merchant's customer service department for the status of your order, whether it's been shipped and where it is currently located.
    • Step 5

      If email and calling customer service are unsuccessful and the merchant has a store in your area (such as JCPenney or Target), go directly to the store and ask if they can check the order for you or if they can redirect the order to the store so it will arrive faster.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: Always check an online merchant's shipping methods before placing an order to ensure they include the tracking information and have a way of checking the status of your order.
    • Tip: Contact the merchant and ask them if they can expedite your order, or if they can refund the cost of shipping or provide a discount on your next order if your product arrives late.
    • Warning:
    • If the information you receive with the tracking number indicates that the package was already delivered or could not be delivered, you need to contact the shipping company, such as USPS or FedEx, to see if the package is at their local office.

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