What Is A Cheese Knife?

What is a cheese knife? Explanation and description of the cheese knife. Cheese knives and cheese slicers come in several shapes and styles. Some even come in sets that include a cutting board and serving...

Cheese knives and cheese slicers come in several shapes and styles. Some even come in sets that include a cutting board and serving pieces like servers and spreaders. Each knife is intended to a specific type of cheese. It may be to cut soft cheeses, hard cheeses, or to chip pieces off of cheese wheels.

Some cheese slicers have a spatula type top that makes them an excellent choice for making nice even slices of cheese. If made of stainless steel, this type of cheese slicer will be easy to clean and can even be placed in a dishwasher.

Double handled cheese slicers allow the user to have more control while cutting cheese into even slices. Cheese cleavers can be used to cut most types of cheese on a cheese cutting board. Many German cheese knives have etched blades that create small air pockets, which help the knife glide through the cheese more easily while slicing it.

Wire cheese slicer has a sturdy handle with a wire across the top that is used to make nice even slices of cheese. They allow you to cut uniform slices in a neat and tidy way that makes for a lovely presentation when served. A wire cheese slicer may have a handle made of wood, marble, polypropylene, plastic, or another material with a thin wire that may be replaceable if needed. Many high quality pieces offer a lifetime warranty in the event that the wire breaks at some point.

A soft cheese slicer is crafted with a unique open surface blade that has a sharp serrated edge. The opening in the blade allows the cheese to go through the knife after it is cut and prevents having the cheese stick to the knife's surface. This knife can also be used on firm cheeses as well and will form perfect slices whether you like them to be thick or thin. These soft cheese knives come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Cheese knives are usually made with short or narrow blades. The knives with narrow blades may have a fork type tip that can be used to move pieces that have already been cut. The heavier bladed knives are often sold in sets that contain a piece of hard cheese and a cheese cutting board or plate. Cheese often begins to harden when it is exposed to air so it really should be cut just before serving to keep it from drying out. For this reason short knives usually are the most versatile to use in slicing many kinds of cheese.

Karl Pfitzenreiter has been in the business of cutlery for 24 years. He is the president and CEO of J.A. Henckels, a position he has held for the last 20 years. Pfitzenreiter states, "Cheese knives are made to cut cheeses. The shape of the blade depends on how hard or how soft the cheese is. For example if you have Parmesan cheese, which is a rather hard cheese, you need a knife that almost looks like a spatula. If you go to a soft cheese, you will have more of a knife blade. If you are going for a very soft cheese that you want to spread over something, you will have something like the round spreading knife shape and so on. There are varieties of different cheese knives to cut different kind of cheeses."

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