Chi Energy

a thorough definition of Chi energy and its various forms. It's also an explanation of causes and cures.

Chi energy is often described as the cosmic breath, or the vital principle. It is the essence of the principles of Heaven and Earth, of time and space. Thus, it is essentially the essence of all relative phenomenons. It is the force of both change and transition. As such Chi is displayed in the circling of the Heavens, the seasons and weather patterns, the changes of the land and the sea's tides, the changes in our bodies, emotions, and thoughts, and the changes of our affairs and fortunes. Everything breathes and moves in accord with it. Everything comes from it, exists through it and returns unto it.

The cycle of Chi, of arising and vanishing, is common to everything including solid rock. While it may appear to be unchanging unto man, over the life span of the universe, it appears and disappears in a flash. This is nicely stated by Chuang Tzu, "A frog in a well cannot be talked with about the sea; he is confined to the limits of his space. An insect of summer cannot be talked with about ice; it knows nothing beyond its own time."

The cosmic breath, the cosmos or universe, is that which breathes. Taoist science understands this as an organic being that is full of life, depicted as a great dragon coursing through space, time, Heaven, and Earth. The dragon symbolizes the spirit of fertility and nourishment. As such, it emerges from the depths of the oceans and flies into the sky. It appears in storm clouds and lightning. Its voice is the thunder. It plummets to the Earth in rain, and rises in abundant crops. As the imperial symbol of ancient China, the dragon also represents creativity, wealth, and wisdom.

In Chinese, Feng Shui experts are called dragon people (lung jen). They view the environment as an expression of Chi. They understand the principles of its generation and destruction and they also know the secrets of its transformation.

Chi has three phases. These are called Sheng (moving upwards or waxing), Si (dying or waning), and Sha (this form of Chi is indicative of harmful energy).

First there is Sheng Chi. A place is said to have Sheng Chi whenever it feels fresh and bright, the animals are healthy, the people are prosperous and happy, and whenever it overlooks a beautiful park, a garden, the woods, mountains, a field, a river, a lake, or the ocean. Whenever you feel positive aspiration you also, have Sheng Chi. The moon on its approach is also an example of Sheng Chi.

Secondly there is Si Chi. A place has Si Chi if it is dilapidated and unkempt, if the Earth is depleted and the vegetation is poor, the animals are sick, and the people are weak and impoverished. Whenever you are depressed, you also have Si Chi. As the moon approaches the new moon phase, it is Si Chi.

Third and finally there is Sha Chi. You have this form of Chi whenever you are extremely angry. A place has this form of Chi whenever it feels strange or dangerous. Sha stems from negative conditions both below (noxious rays) and above ground (secret arrows).

Noxious rays drain energy and cause illness. Wherever this condition exists, you may become fatigued and nervous for no apparent reason. A house that is built on low stagnant ground, around which the air hangs heavily, is one example of this type of place. Another example of this is a house that stands above an underground cave.

If you enter into or live within a place that is surrounded by noxious rays you must discover from where these noxious rays are entering into your space. This can be done by dowsing on your floor plan. The easiest way in which to do this is by holding a pendulum with one hand while using the index finger of your other hand to point to the outline of your floor plan. It does not matter where you begin. Slowly move your pointing finger bit by bit around the outline all the while asking "Does it enter here?" until the pendulum gives you a clear yes. Once you discover where the noxious rays are entering the easiest cure for this fairly common problem is to draw three concentric arcs in blue ink or pencil around the spot. Another cure for this problem also works for negative force fields. This cure calls for you to take a copy of your floor plan, paste it onto a board or stiff piece of cardboard that will not bend, then take a copper wire and tape it along the entire outline of the floor plan but do not join the ends of the wire together. Once you have done this you can put the floor plan away for safe keeping. Yet a third cure for noxious rays is to place a potted plant at the spot where the ray enters and coil a copper wire around the outside of the pot in a spiral formation, securing it firmly into place with tape. If you live over an underground stream, you can put potted plants over the course of the stream. These will absorb and convert the water Chi to make the place feel healthier.

Secret arrows are irritating conditions that originate above ground. They attack the nerves and contribute to illness, disrupted relationships, and professional and financial problems. Secret arrows come against a house whenever a road or water source runs directly toward or away from any of its doors or windows; if it stands at the end of a T-junction or at the end of a blind alley; if it is positioned in such a way that the corner of another building points directly at its door or windows; if the front door partly faces the edge of another building and partly faces an empty lot. Other examples of sharp arrows occur whenever sharp objects point at the door or windows; if the front door is directly in line with a flag pole or lamp post; if the door or windows directly face a steeply pointed roof; if there is a building near it that is falling into ruin; if there is a dead or dying tree directly in front of the doors or window; if railroad tracks or hanging electrical wires run glaringly across the view from the door or windows; if the house is completely overwhelmed by being near freeways, huge bridges, buildings that tower over it, or tower antennas; if a police, fire station, armory, casino, hospital, funeral home, graveyard or other place that is unusually disturbing activity is directly visible from the windows; and if there are disruptive social conditions in the neighborhood such as loud or violence.

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