Child Activities: Fun Games To Play With Bubbles

Before beginning bubble games, make sure you have plenty of extra bubble solution as well as bubble blowing utensils.

One of the simplest bubble games is a bubble-blowing contest. See who can blow the most bubbles, the biggest, the smallest, the longest lasting, or who can blow a bubble inside a bubble. It is a good idea to make sure each child has the same bubble-blowing tool so no one will say the contest was unfair.

For a simple variation of the well-known game dodge ball, try a game of "dodge bubble." Have all the kids (grown ups can play too) form a large circle. Have the person nearest you stand in the center of the circle. For the next sixty seconds, everyone blows bubbles like crazy while the person in the center attempts to avoid being hit by any bubbles. This game is hilarious to watch. Alternatively, try a rousing game of bubble tag. The child chosen to be "it" gets a bottle of bubbles and a wand. He or she then chases the other children around until he "tags" someone with bubbles then that child takes a turn being "it" and so on.

Bubble relays and races can be a lot of fun too. Have the children divide into several teams of two then have one person from each team blow a bubble. See which team can keep their bubble in the air the longest. They can get under the bubble and blow on it or gently touch it with the bubble wand or with their hands, but as soon as they pop their bubble or it floats away, they sit down. This continues until only one team is left, and that team wins.

You can also have the kids try their luck at stacking bubbles. While the children are still in teams of two, have one child from each team blow a bubble and catch it on the bubble wand. His or her teammate will also blow a bubble, catch it, and then place it on top of the first bubble. They will alternate back and forth, each child adding a bubble every other time. The team with the highest stack at the end of sixty seconds wins.

Divide the group into two teams. Have the kids line up in two single file lines. Mark off a finish line at least ten feet away. The line leader will blow a bubble and he or she must then guide that bubble across the finish line. The child will then run back to his team and send the next person on her way. If anybody's bubble pops or floats away, they must go back and start all over. This continues until every member of one team gets a bubble over the line and makes it back to her team.

You can also add a couple of hula-hoops into the mix. You'll need two of them for this game. Have someone hold each hoop in the air out to his or her side. While the kids are still divided into two teams have them line up single file again, with the line leader standing two to four feet away from the hoop (depending on how small the children are). The children will attempt to blow a bubble through the hoop. Each child will keep trying until she gets one to go through at which point she will go to the back of the line. The first team to get their line leader back to the front of the line wins. These games provide hours of fun for children and adults alike.

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