Child Birfeeder Craft: Make A Birdseed Pinecone

Child birdfeeder craft recipe and directions for making a peanut butter birdseed pinecone that will attract chickadees, bluejays and many other favorite yard birds.

If you love wild birds then you also love to feed them. If you love to feed them you also are probably always on the lookout for treats that they love.

One such treat that wild birds love, especially over winter, is the peanut butter birdseed pinecone. Not only is it loved by birds, it is also loved by those of us who feed them because it is so simple and inexpensive to make. It attracts a great number of chickadees and bluejays as well as a host of other beautiful backyard birds, and keeps them coming back over and over again. Plan to make a batch of these. You can wrap the extras in plastic and store them in your refrigerator until you need to use them. If you want to make them last use only one at a time, because they will go as fast as you put them out.

There are many variations on the peanut butter birdseed pinecone but the following recipe has great success. You will need to gather some wide pinecones (try to get them from the wild, as pinecones from craft stores can be treated with chemicals), 3 bowls (one of which needs to be microwave safe), birdseed and peanut butter.


3 parts peanut butter

1 part grit (to prevent choking: may be corn meal or stale bread or cracker crumbs)


Directions: Tie a string around the wide end of the pinecone, making sure you leave enough on each end for hanging it to a tree branch or feeder. Put peanut butter in the microwave safe bowl and heat it only until soft. Add the grit to the peanut butter. Holding onto string end of pinecone, dip and roll it into peanut butter mixture and then into birdseed. Allow it to sit on wide end of cone at least 1/2 hour before hanging it up or before wrapping the extras.

Wrapped in plastic and tied with a bow, these make wonderful stocking stuffers or gifts for the bird lover.

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