Child development careers

How to build a career in child development careers.

Do you love to work with children but don't know how to begin a career in child development services?

One way that many working moms have begun a career in child development is by working in a daycare. Working in a daycare allows moms to do three things: 1. spend time with their own children, 2. earn a paycheck, and 3. gain experience and build a resume. In addition, moms also find that most daycares usually offer their employees discounts on childcare. This is very appealing to moms who might wish to work outside of the home, but dislike the idea of turning over the bulk of their paycheck to a daycare each month. You should also keep in mind that most daycares don't require that their employees have a degree or be teacher certified.

Another way to begin a career in child development services could include working for a charter school. A charter school is essentially a state-funded school that is open to the public, but is considered separate from standard elementary, middle school, junior high and high schools. Most charter schools prefer that their teachers have at least a Bachelor's degree, but because so many charter schools are in need of teachers, a high school graduate with teaching or childcare/daycare experience often has a chance at a teaching position even without a college degree. Some charter schools may even be able to offer their employees assistance in becoming degreed or teacher certified.

If you do not currently have enough experience to become a teacher, you may still be able to work at a charter school as a teacher's aid. Teacher's aids generally make significantly less per hour than teachers, but they may also be able to receive assistance in becoming degreed or teacher certified.

If there isn't a charter school in your area, you may want to consider substitute teaching at your local elementary, middle school, junior high or high school. In general, substitute teachers need only to have a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate in order to become a substitute teacher. Substitute teaching is also a fine idea for those who only wish to work part-time. Many people seeking degrees in child development services choose to substitute teach part-time during the day while going to college in the evenings. This way, they are able to build their resume while completing a degree that will allow them to compete for a full-time teaching position in the future.

The most important thing to remember when thinking about a career in child development services is to think outside of the box. For instance, think about what someone looking to hire a future teacher, child psychologist or child development expert might want in an employee, and then begin taking small steps towards becoming that individual.

The first thing an employer in child development services is going to want to know is that a prospective employee genuinely cares about children. Become a big sister or big brother, a volunteer at a local tutoring center, a volunteer at the Special Olympics, or even an active member of the Parent Teacher's Association (PTA) at your child's school, and then to include those things on your resume. Participating in worthwhile programs shows that you care about children enough to take time out of your schedule, whether or not you are being paid for your services. This goes a long way with employers.

The truth is that you don't have to have gone to college for six years in order to land a job in child development services. You can begin a career and then build upon your skills as you go along. After all, the best teachers and child development professionals are those that know how to grow, change and learn just like the young students or patients that surround them.

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