Child Diaper Rash: The Ultimate Cure

Child diaper rash cure for your child, This is the absolute no nonsense .

Have you been horrified at the sight of your dearest darlings cute little behind when you open the diaper up and see the awful open sores and cracked skin blazing red before your very eyes? It is such a very painful thing to look at and know that regardless of how gentle you are being this is really going to hurt them. Their screams as you try to soothe it with a cool cloth or gently wipe away their soilings tell it all.

So many mothers are plagued by the Diaper Blues. Their poor children, just as mine were, with bright red butts that need attention now. The rash, if left alone, oftens develops into a very severe case quickly and can have open sores that bleed. This is a breeding ground for infection. Not many people will tell you, but the cause for this awful infection is the same yeast that has plagued women since time began. The very same yeast infection that you suffer from is growing on your child's bottom. A very dear friend of mine told me the cure and this really works.

Take yourself to the nearest pharmacy or drug store and get yourself a cream cure for yeast infection. Apply this to the child's bottom when you change it's diaper and you will see the difference within hours. Use it only when the rash is present. Consistent use of it is not a preventive. Therefore it must only be used when you see the rash itself. This is a proved and tested cure. A simple application of Monostat 7 or similar cream will chase away these awful symptoms.

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