Child Projects For Your Child (And You!)

Learn to make creative craft projects with your child that may be given as gifts as well. Parent and child will both have fun.

When the holidays roll around or it's someone specials birthday, children like to get in on the gift giving, too. This gives parents the opportunity to be creative with their kids and have some fun. There are many great craft ideas that are fun and easy enough to do with your child.

One of my all time favorites is able to be done with a child of any age. You and your child can make many things out of hand prints. My favorite one would be a handprint alone. Take a paintbrush and dip it in your childs favorite color or you may pick one if your child is too young to decide, then hold your little ones hand open while you gently brush the paint on the palm. Be sure to use only nontoxic paint that will wash away easily with soap and water. Then turn the child's hand palm down and gently press the open palm flat on a peice of paper. This may take a couple of tries before you're happy with the final results, but you and your child will both have fun getting messy and then seeing the print. You could then go to the library and check out children's poem books to find a short poem about handprints and photocopy it. Take it home and either leave as it is or you could reprint it on your home computer to change the size of the lettering as well as the font. Once you have completed this you would then assemble the poem and handprint on one peice of paper and frame it. Now you and your child can wrap it up. This project makes a wonderful gift for Grandparent's Day and Father's or Mother's Day.

Another great hand made craft is coasters. Go to your local hardware store and have glass of 1/4 inch thickness cut into four inch squares. If you plan on making a set of four coasters,you will need eight peices of glass. You will also need metal tape from the hardware store that is 1/2 inch wide as well. This comes in silver or copper tones. Next go out with your child and pick some simple small flowers that will dry nicely such as buttercups or violets or pansies. Place these flowers in a large phone book for about a week so they will become dry and pressed. Once this is done carfully lift the flowers out of the book. Now let your child place some of the flowers how they think is pretty on one piece of glass. Then gently place a second peice of glass on top of the first being careful not to disturb the arrangement of the flowers. Take the metal tape and start at one edge and begin to seal the two peices of glass together. An orange stick is useful to make sure the tape is pressed smoothe and tight. Be creative with this let your child pick other flat small objects to place in between the glass to personalize the coasters accordingly. These make beautiful inexpensive gifts that show someone that a lot of thought was put into thier gift. They also make wonderful conversation peices.

There is always fun things to do with your child and when you two can make it together then in turn give it to someone special, it not only shows your child that you and he can be creative, but that you can also give of yourselves. So get busy: you'll be surprised at what your child and yourself come up with!

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