Get Your Child To Go To Sleep

How to get your child to go to sleep in his/her own bed all by themselves, and without letting them just cry it out.

Every parent has been there, frazzled and going crazy because their child just won't go to sleep. You have to stay in the room with them until they drift off, then you sneak out. After awhile they wake and realize your gone and start to cry. As they get older they start climbing into your bed. If your not that excited about a bed built for three, there is something you can do to help. Here is how I have gotten my little ones to go to sleep in their own rooms, and stay there until morning.

Some people advocate the cry it out method, while it may work, from the child's point of view it probably feels like you have abandoned them, and that is the last thing I want my children to think. Doing it this way your child will probably cry, but he will also know you are still there, he just needs to go to sleep.

First of all I don't recommend this until they are at least six months, but anything older is fine.

Start by getting your child on a predictable bed time routine. This will give her time to adjust from the energy of the day to the calm of the night, or nap time. The bedtime routine we use is to get pajamas on, brush teeth, say goodnight to everyone, say prayers, read two story books and then lights out. Figure out a routine that works for your family and then follow it consistently. At nap time you can do a scaled down version, we just lay down and read two books. When the routine becomes predictable you can begin to get your child to sleep on his own.

The first night back up the bedtime or shorten the nap so that your child is a little more tired, but not over tired. Go through the routine and then leave the room with the door open and sit in the hall or somewhere that your child can see you. If he gets up walk him back to his bed without saying a word, you may have to do this twenty times, just be patient. If she cries simply ignore him, but stay where she can see you. It will take a few nights before your child will probably stay in bed and go to sleep, but if you are consistent he will soon realize there is no point to getting up, he will just get wordless lead back to bed.

When this is working well, go through the bedtime routine and leave the room and close the door. Your child will probably cry the most at this step, although some take this without any worry at all. If your child comes out of his room wordlessly walk him back to bed and shut the door. If she just cries or is too little to get out of bed and open the door, after five minutes go back into the room and give him a kiss and leave again. This will let him no you didn't leave him and it's no big deal to have the door closed, you are right outside it. If she wakes up in the middle of the night and comes out just walk her back in and put her back in bed or go in and give her a kiss and then leave. After a few nights your little one will be putting herself to sleep and will feel safe knowing that you are still there. Goal accomplished.

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