Take Your Child On Walks In Nature

Turn a simple walk around the block with your children into a learning experience. Take your child on a nature walk. Study and examine trees, leaves, rocks.

When was the last time you took a walk? Just a walk, a walk to nowhere in particular, for no reason in particular? A walk with your children? Try it!

Try taking a walk simply to enjoy a special time with your children and to examine and learn more about the natural world around you. You might be surprised by the many splendors you encounter together. You don't even have to leave your own neighborhood.

Nature, and the beauty of it, is all around us. It surrounds us constantly. In today's day and age however, most of us are usually too busy or in too much of a hurry to notice and to enjoy it.

My children and I take walks almost every day. It's amazing that something as simple as that can become one of the highlights of our day. We take our time, examining everything we see. It's a special time together.

In the spring we study the young buds on the trees, the new growth growing and gathering strength, much like a child.

In the summer we examine all of the wonderful, thriving nature that is everywhere. In the Fall, the colorful leaves as they are shed from the trees, the acorns, the pinecones. Even in the Winter the bare, trees and shrubbery waiting silently and dormant until Spring comes around once again. We hold hands, pick flowers (usually weeds, but beautiful in their own way), collect rocks and leaves, we examine bug life and listen to bird song. These walks can last anywhere from twenty minutes to over and hour and almost always give us a renewed energy, that boost that we all sometimes need to continue that which must be accomplished by days end.

We hold hands. Sometimes we walk quietly in the hopes of seeing a squirrel or a chipmunk. Other times we sing songs and skip and laugh. Every time we find something, something rare and special and beautiful as we are enjoying one another so immensely and learning about nature together.

We collect things. We take them home and examine and study them even more closely. We try to identify different leaves or rocks or weeds and if we cannot we'll make a trip to the local library to do some research. We've pulled apart pinecones to see what they look like inside. We'll study acorn shells to determine how a squirrel must have cracked it open. Even beautiful works of art can be created with some of the treasures we gather. Lovely autumn leaves can be pasted to paper to make a colorful collage.

Walks are wonderfully special times, especially with children. Sun, rain, snow - there is always something to see and to learn and it's these times together that will make a lasting impression on your children. Try taking a walk with your kids and truly be together.

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