Children And Changing Bad Habits

Let's discuss some bad habits and how to change them, such as hair twirling, nose picking, etc.

Does your child seem to have lots of bad habits?

Do you have a daughter who changes clothes and puts all the clothes she has discarded in a pile on the floor or on the bed? Then the clothes eventually wind up in the laundry hamper to be washing and perhaps ironed again without even being worn. One thought is to give her the complete responsibility for the care of her clothes including ironing. Tell her you will not be taking care of these never worn clothes if she continues to have this bad habit. Sit down with her and tell her the discarding of clothes as she makes decisions has to change and discuss tips or planning her daily outfits.

Is your daughter pulling and twirling her hair and has it become a habit? Nagging the child probably won't help. You'll need to be creative and also sensitive in stopping the behavior. I would suggest this: take her to the beauty parlor and have her hair styled differently, and add ribbons or barettes. If she is still small get a doll with long hair that she can style with hair accessories. See also if perhaps there is stress in her life that could be causing the habit.

Well the next habit isn't the nicest, but we need to discuss nose pickng as it can be a bad habit. Talk to your child very gently about the problem and don't nag as that never helps. She may not even realize this is a problem. Try to give her an alternative to touching her nose, perhaps a string of beads, etc. When you see her picking her nose remind her that this is not a nice habit.

Nail biting is another bad habit that often starts from stress or anxiety and brings comfort. Again talk to her gently and hopefully she will realize it is not acceptable. You might tell her when she wants to bite her nails to perhaps raise her hand to her head of put her hands together clasped in her lap. There are also products in the drug store that will make the nails not taste

good when she bites them, if all else fails.

There may be oter bad habits I have not covered and if you just try to talk to your child and also make her realize it is a habit that needs to be broken, you'll most likely get great results.

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