Children Games For Traveling Alone

Many children are traveling alone. This article will tell the items to pack in a child backpack so they won't be bored.

Getting up at 6Am for a cross country flight to Los Angeles from NY is stressful for an adult.

Now think about a 9 year old child making the same trip, but alone. Today many children are flying alone. Even though the flight attendant said they would watch your child, we both know that the attention span of a child is short. So what can you do to help them make the best of a 6 hours flight?

First, pack a backpack of your favorite small toys. The first thing that needs to be in there is a walkman or cd player. They say that music calms people. Having your child's own selection of music is something they would want to hear, not that dentist music playing on the airplane.

The next thing to pack is your child's gameboy. These little games are very popular and children can be seen playing these gameboys for hours.

Another faviorte with children are playing cards. There are many games that children can play by themselves. Plus, building a house on a plane is always fun.

A cell phone for a child? Not a bad idea. If this is your child's first flight, being able to communicate with you is very important.

If you pack these items for your child not only will they be happy while flying: it would make the person next them happy also.

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