Children And Kids Toys: Choosing Personalized Stuffed Animals

One of the things that I like to do for my children is get them stuffed animals that fit their personalities. I have found that it is easy to get great plush animals for your kids if you know where to find them.

Picking out a personalized stuffed animal for you child can sometime be distressing. I know I have seen parents give their children animal after animal and they would just fuss or throw it across the room. They couldn't seem to find that one animal that would fit their child's personality.

I discovered that my child at a very young age would choose a specific toy to play with. She always seemed to pick out one toy from all of the rest, especially one particular stuffed animal. I also found that if that one stuffed animal was not near her when she was playing she would fuss. I also found out that if it was near her when she was resting she would rest better. So I took note and when shopping for new toys I always tried to get something in the same line but a bit different.

My advice to anyone trying to personalize their children's stuffed animals would be this.

1. Put out several toys for your child to play with on one time.

2. Watch your child to see if he or she is drawn to a particular animal or group of toys. Even at an extremely young age they will be drawn to a specific toy. Most will say that they only respond to the color but my child picked a lightly colored toy and had played with that same toy or type of toy for several years.

3. I put out several toys more than one time and switched the toys around so that some of the same ones were in there, even the one that they had previously picked.

4. Don't get carried away and only pick one particular stuffed animal all of the time. Keep the animals in the same theme. You can have several of one character but also have others that go with that character. My child liked piglet and so I got a lot of her but I also got several of the other characters that went along with her.

5. When the child is older and can pick their own toy let them help you pick out the one that fits them the best. Ask them if they want the same type of animal or see if maybe they have different interest. A child will get tired of the same thing after a bit and may change what they want.

6. Set up a shelf with the older stuffed animals on it and keep it as a collection. As you get more animals for you child keep a collection of the older toys. You don't have to keep every single one that they have received over the years but keep a small collection of special ones like the first one they had or ones they received from a special relative.

One thing that anyone has to remember is the children are individuals; they may not like the exact same things as the parents like. Something that you think is so cute and adorable maybe scare of just of no interest to the child. Let them help you make you decisions in personalizing their toys. You can find out what they like and have little shirts made for the animal with the child's name as a special gift; it will be something they cherish for many years to come.

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