Children: How To Pick An Appropriate Video For Your Child

Parents should use caution when picking out videos for their children, and videos should be age appropriate,

With so many video choices available for parents to choose from, it can become difficult to make an appropriate choice. Parents should use caution, however, when picking out videos for their children. Videos should be age appropriate, and parents may need to preview a video before showing it to their children.

While there are many excellent videos available, there are also videos that would not be appropriate for your child. If you are the parent of a newborn, chances are that some of the baby gifts your received included baby videos. Some of these videos are wonderful, and you may be surprised at how long your infant will focus on the images displayed across your television. While a small amount of stimulation from a video can be good for your baby, you don't want your infant to sit in front of the screen for extended periods of time. Appropriate infant videos will typically have large images against contrasting colors. The videos will not have excessive flashing pictures, however. Instead, images may move slowly across the screen and be accompanied by soothing classical music.

As babies develop into toddlers, they will enjoy watching videos that have children and animals as part of the cast. Toddlers will also enjoy videos that incorporate a variety of music. When your child is watching a video, you can help her interact. Clap your hands and sing along with the music. Your child may begin dancing and singing her own version of the words much to your delight and hers.

Pre-school and elementary school aged children will still enjoy videos that incorporate children, animals, and music. They will also enjoy videos that actually make them a part of the action. You should look for videos that teach your child about new subjects, such as geography, history, and science. You can also look for videos that encourage your child to dance and sing along with the cast.

As your child develops into a pre-teen, you can search for videos available as a series. There are many educational videos that teach children about other young people in history. Many favorite novels have also been developed into videos. If your child is reading a favorite book, you can check to see if there is a video available, and then take the time to watch it together.

As your child becomes a teenager, his taste may turn toward videos that are more graphic and violent in nature. This is where your role as a parent becomes even more important. While you may not want to do battle on a daily basis with your teen, you can sit down with your child and discuss the appropriate guidelines that you wish him to follow when selecting a video. There is a lot of controversy in the media today over how much affect violent videos and video games have on teenagers' behavior. You should become familiar with the ratings that are given to videos and video games. Typically, each rating will give abbreviations for why that video received that particular rating.

Whether you are purchasing a video for your infant, toddler, pre-school or elementary aged child, or your teen, you do need to pay specific attention to the ratings and the suggested ages. Videos can be entertaining and educational, but if they are used inappropriately for the wrong aged child, they may be damaging.

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