Children And Role Models

Children and role models: consider whether or not you really believe that children learn what they live from the environment around them.

Books and posters claim that children learn what they live and we are modeling what their future behavior will be. But is this really true?

If you have any questions as to whether or not your children are watching you and others around, just look to their behavior and consider what you see.

First you can consider any disruptive behavior your children might have. What do they do when faced with difficulties with sibling or peers? If it seems that they are yelling and hollering to resolve disputes amongst one another, look to your own behavior in the house or to where your children spend much of their time when away from home.

It has often been said that children begin to bring home new behavior with a sudden surge in vocabulary skills after they start school for the first time. This can be a positive experience or a negative one. If you can listen to your child and hear that they are speaking from a new experience, such as something a new student at school taught them like a curse word, and you do not speak it in your home you can be nearly certain that they are modeling from their new social situations.

And modeling what they see is how children learn to grow into adults. They don't have inner instructions to go by and they must take in from the world what they need to learn to survive in society.

Maybe you honor manners and courteous behavior in your household and see your child saying please and thank-you just as you do. This is more proof that our children are learning what they are living. It really is as simple as that. Look at who your child is and those she or he is with and you will figure out who to commend or who to reprimand for teaching your child what she or he has learned.

Consider also the play toys and what shows or movies your children might watch. Perhaps you are concerned that your little one is more interested in guns lately and you realize they have watched the movie Godzilla quite a lot or another similar theme show. Children learn what they live. They look to their environment and the people in it to build what they need to live.

If you can model to your children what you believe they need in the world, the odds are they will follow your lead. If you merely offer lip-service and don't do-as-you-say than your actions will speak volumes more than your words.

Children are like sponges. They soak up everything they see and hear. Next time you are having a discussion at the dinner table watch how your six-year-old listens and watches the way the family interacts. If your encourage polite behavior and kindness is your child following your lead? If not, maybe there is another influence in life that is becoming the focus of attention and inappropriately so.

Children learn what they live. They watch, listen and follow so be certain your steps are leading in the right direction.

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