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Children tea party & ideas on a how to have a successful children's tea party, games, what to serve.

A children's tea party is a lot of fun. When planning this event, be as creative as you like. Tea parties are something that every little girl or boy will enjoy.

Girls love to pretend and dress up for parties. Each girl can dress up in a hat, shoes, jewelry and gloves. Kids can even bring their own teddy bears or dollies to the party. Possibilities can be endless depending upon the theme that you want to use.

When choosing the menu for a children's tea party, keep it simple and do not serve messy items. There are several items that can be served. Make small, bite-size sandwiches in shapes cut from cookie cutters. You can fill them with peanut butter and jelly, egg salad or anything that the kids like. Make heart-shaped sugar cookies or buy some store bought cookies from the deli/bakery. Mini-cupcakes are a really neat idea. Kids live anything that is small or rather just their size. You do not have to actually serve tea at a children's tea party. You can serve punch, juice, tea or anything that suits their taste buds.

A few tea themes are listed below but feel free to use your imagination.

Host a Teddy Bear/Dollies Tea

· Have each child bring their favorite dolly or teddy bear

· Games could include story telling, arts and crafts or show and tell

· The child can dress-up in fun clothing

· Use invitations that are shaped like a teddy bear or any type of invitation with a doll or teddy bear

· Serve the following items at the party:

· Small teddy bear shaped-sandwiches with peanut-butter and jelly filling (use cookie cutters)

· Bear shaped sugar cookies

· Lemonade

Halloween Tea Party

· Children can dress up in their favorite costumes

· Send out Halloween invitations

· Give out goody bags or small pumpkins filled with candy and treats.

· Games could include a costume contest, bobbing for apples, Halloween Scavenger Hunt, etc.

· Halloween shaped sandwiches, use cookie cutter to shape

· Halloween cookies , bought from deli/bakery or homemade

· Mini-cup cakes with orange icing and a black spider on top or white icing and a candy corn or pumpkin on top.

· Serve beverages such as cider or apple juice.

· Serve kool-aid punch (red) as a Halloween treat

Easter Tea Party

· Send out Easter invitations

· Ask girls to wear their dress and bonnets. They can dress as feminine and grown-up as they like.

· Games for the party could include an old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt.

· Serve egg shaped sandwiches with your choice of fillings. A few suggestions are peanut butter and jelly, egg salad, pimento cheese

· Mini cupcakes with pastel colored icing and Easter candy on top

· Serve lemonade

Resources for Children's Tea Parties

There are several resources that may help you plan a tea party. You can try the magazines, websites, etc. listed below:

Victoria (on-line or magazine)

Hello! Kitty Tea Party ( web site has a really neat tea party, dress up game)

Stash Tea - tea accessories and tea

Bigelow Tea - tea accessories and tea

Celestial Seasonings - tea accessories and tea

Also, check your local library for books on games and parties for children.

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