Children's Activities: Easy Kids Recipes

Here are a few easy recipes for kids that don't require knives, cooking or much adult supervision. Your kids will love this fun home activity and enjoy eating these delicious snacks.

Some recipes state that they are for kids, and then require the child to use a knife for cutting, or turn on a burner or the oven. There are some recipes, loved by kids, that don't require any danger or assistance from an adult, even if some of them are a little messy. One such recipe is Bugs in Dirt. The kids put graham cracker crumbs in a sandwich bag or cup, and then drop in chocolate sprinkles for ants, red hots for ladybugs, or drop in gummy worms. A healthy snack that's easy for kids is to put a banana on a popsicle stick, spread yogurt on it, then roll in graham cracker crumbs, cookie crumbs, candy sprinkles or just let the kids have the bananas and yogurt to dip them in. Or, give the kids a tray of celery and let them spread on peanut butter or cream cheese. Then they can put raisins or nuts on the celery.

Kids can easily make a pie by mixing clear corn syrup with Cocoa Krispies. Press the cereal mixture into a pie pan, and then load the pie pan up with ice cream. It can be vanilla, chocolate swirl or another flavor. When the pan is full of ice cream, they can pour chocolate or caramel syrup over the entire thing. Place in freezer until ready to serve. Another fun and easy dessert can be made by your children by letting them squirt canned whipped cream onto graham crackers. After spreading whipped cream on one graham square, then do the same to a second square and stack it on top of the first. Do this until there is a stack of four graham squares. Press down slightly on the top so the whipped cream runs out of the sides. Repeat the entire process until they have eight stacks of grahams. Scoot them together to form a rectangle of 2 squares by 4. Add extra whipped cream across the tops and spread evenly. Chill for three to four hours. Remove and drizzle honey and candy sprinkles all around, then serve.

Roll-ups are very simple for kids and can be made many different ways. Using thin lunch meat, roll a pickle, green onion or cheese in a piece of meat which has been spread with cream cheese. Place a toothpick in the wrap to keep it closed. Another appetizer they can make uses any type of crackers, then have kids tear cheese slices in to fourths and place one section on each cracker. On top of the cheese, place a piece of pepperoni and on top of the pepperoni place an olive. An easy but delicious mixture can be made by mixing 4 cups of Chex cereal, a half a cup each of dried fruit pieces, raisins, coconut, peanuts and M&M's. They can put the mix in plastic zipper bags or in bowls or cups.

Let kids spread vanilla or chocolate frosting on pretzel twists. Small pretzel sticks aren't suitable for this, but large pretzel sticks or twists work well. Let kids mix up any powdered drink mix, then pour into ice cube trays. After the cubes are about halfway frozen, insert a toothpick into each cube. After frozen, the kids have a cool Popsicle treat. Kids can also spread peanut butter on cinnamon graham crackers, then add marshmallow cream and eat. Another favorite is to stir a cup of creamy peanut butter with a cup and a half of powdered milk and three tablespoons of honey. This recipe makes an edible craft dough. The kids can shape the dough any way they want, then add raisins, chocolate chips, coconut, sprinkles, pretzel sticks, wafers and other edibles to represent eyes, feet, wings and so forth. Look around in your cupboards and see what other kid-friendly recipes you can dream up.

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