Children's Activity Book

Use ordinary activity sheets and clear folders to make write on/wipe off activity books for your children.

Rather than wasting loads of money and paper on activity books and magazines which are used once before becoming trash, make reusable activity books for your children. It's simple.

All you need is an ordinary activity book or a variety of activity sheets, and a clear folder (also known as display folders).

First, remove the activities you wish to use from the book. Trim off the torn edge.

Next, insert the pages into the leaves of the clear folder. It is a good idea to use a folder the same size as the activity book, usually A4, so that the pages do not slip around.

Your activity book is now ready to use.

Your child can complete the activities with a whiteboard marker or erasbale overhead projection pen. When they have finished, simply wipe clean. They can then complete the activity over and over.

You can find suitable activities in a variety of places: kids' magazines and puzzle books from the news stand; educational activity books from an educational supply shop, and of course, print-out activities from here on the internet.

You can make several of these activity books arranged in different subject and ability levels, or just one, changing the inserts regularly to maintain your child's interest.

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