Children's Attractions In Fairhope, Alabama

Children's attractions in Fairhope, Alabama. Fairhope, Alabama has many children's attractions including the Marrietta Johnson School Museum, skatepark, and various festivals. We have a wide variety of things...

We have a wide variety of things for kids to do. In fact we offer brochure about that. There are echo boat tours. There are kids' parks. There's a gator alley boardwalk, there is indoor playing facilities, and museums. There is a place where you can go and paint your own pottery with your parents. There is the Marrietta Johnson School Museum and there are other historical museums. They have the history of the area, about school, and how children learned back in the old days here. It was a very interesting education system back then. We have picnic spots and we have fairs. We have skateboard demos and festivals. The RV Park has a train that goes around the RV Park. There is the Pumpkin Festival. There is the Fall Festival at the YMCA. There are concerts and there are the Christmas parades. There is live entertainment for the children like ballets, the Nutcracker and a player's theater for kids. Of course there are all the wonderful parks. They have the indoor parks which I think is pretty interesting. You can take your kids and you don't get to leave, but they can go inside play on the Kids Zone.

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