Children's Attractions In Indianapolis, Indiana

Children's attractions in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indidanapolis has a lot of children's activities to offer tourists. There's a hands-on living history museum. They have people in costume, who take you back...

There's a hands-on living history museum. They have people in costume, who take you back in time to the 1800s and these period actors sing, play musical instruments, and do regular farm tours. There are animals there so that's a popular place for families to go. They also have what they call "Weekend on the Farm" in which you dress in that period costume and you learn parlor games, and how to cook old fashioned breakfasts. So that's a unique thing that they have. They also have a program called Follow the North Star that's won a lot of awards. I think they hold it four times a year. It's usually in the spring and fall. It's an Underground Railroad experience in which you become the freed slaves, the captors, or the people trying to assist the slaves to get their freedom. You wear different arm bands to indicate what your roll is. And you go through trying to escape or help someone and see what their experience really looks like. A lot of people walk away from it saying that it was a life-changing experience and it gets quite emotional for a lot of people. If they feel that it is too emotional, then they take off their band and they become invisible. So that's a real interesting thing that they have going on there. The State Museum is a unique museum in this perspective that it explores not only the past but the present and the future. A lot of museums really don't do that. It's pretty interesting.

It has one part where it shows lots of Indiana natives like David Letterman and a lot of people that have their roots in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. The State Museum is all part of the area called the White River State Park. It's right downtown and it's not like your typical greenway that you would expect if you say "State Park." There is a one and a half mile canal that runs through the center of downtown and at one end of the canal; you have the White River State Park Zoo, and the Indianapolis Zoo. Then next to that is the White River Gardens which is a botanical facility. Then you can go across the river to the MCA Hall of Champions which is the NCAA's hall of fame where college sports of every kind are featured. Then next to that is the Sate Museum then next to that is the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. It's one of the largest east of the Mississippi and it's really an interesting place.
The lower floor has much more art work whereas the upper floor has a lot more artifacts. Across the street you have the Indiana Historical Society. We have the canal which is much more culturally lined with the various attractions. And on the canal you can also rent little pedal boats that you can pedal up and down one mile and a half. You can rent different kinds of bikes whether you want a regular bike or a chopper bike.

We also have the Fountain Square area for families and you take a trip back to the 50s and they have an old fashioned fountain restaurant. They have duck pin bowling. They have an indoor water park that just opened within the last year. It's called the Caribbean Cove and it has huge water slides and tube slides. It has got a leisure river that runs throughout. The slides actually go outside the building and the water park; they are fully enclosed tubes. So it's kind of unique to see these tubes coming outside of the wall and then back and then it jumps off in to the big plunge pool. Inside Circle Centre mall downtown there is also a GameWorks Studio that is located on the top floor. They have all kinds of video games; full-sized Indy cars you sit in and race on the virtual track. They have a simulator roller coaster inside there. Across the street from the mall they have a Dave and Buster's type entertainment megaplex. That has all kinds of video games, 20 giant screen TVs, and a menu that has classic American Favorites. They do have great bargains called "Family Fun Day" and for under five dollars you get a kids meal (under 12 years old) plus their choice of either a $10 game card or a game of bowling (which would include the shoes) and a $5 game card. So for five bucks you get your choice of either one of those; that's a really a good deal. The family fun day is every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. so that's a neat thing. There are modern bowling centers that have arcade rooms and billiards, food and full bar service. Those are probably the biggest family things to do.

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