Children's Birthday Party On A Budget: Cheap And Inexpensive Ideas

Want to throw your child a fun birthday bash but want to stay within your budget? Try some of these budget-friendly birthday party tips.

It wasn't too long ago when children had their birthday parties at McDonald's in a back room or at the local pizza parlor. Nowadays, however, it seems that parents will overextend their budget and go into debt just to throw their children a birthday party. Most children are happy just being with friends and being able to drink as much soda and eat as much cake as their little stomachs can handle; however, there seems to be a competitive trend amongst parents to throw the biggest and best birthday bash of the year. If you do not want to fall into this trend of parents struggling to one-up each other, and, more importantly, your budget is tight, then here are some tips on throwing a children's birthday party on a budget.

* Before you do anything, decide how much money you are willing to spend on your child's birthday party. It is much too easy to start spending and spending without realizing how much money is leaving your pocket. Set up a party budget and allot money for each item(s) like the cake, the food, the party favors and the games. Do your absolute best to stick to this budget.

* Many parents worry about the decorations when, in reality, kids could really care less if you get the cheap balloons or the expensive ones. If a decorative item is up hanging on the wall or from the table, unless they can play with it, kids will not give it a second glance. If money needs to be cut out from anything within the party, cut it from the "decorations" expense, since decorations seem to be more for the parents than anybody else.

* Probably the biggest expenses for parents are the food and drinks. Think of your kids. If you were to make a delicious and expensive filet mignon and put it next to a chili dog, what do you think your children will reach for? If you said the chili dog, then you're right. Children can have the simplest and cheapest food items served to them and they will eat them right up. Think of some fun and inexpensive items that can be served at your child's party. Hamburgers, pizza, Frito pies and hot dogs are some easy and cheap meals to prepare.

* As for the cake, instead of going to a local bakery and spending a fortune on a cake, make one yourself. Better yet, make enough cupcakes to give to each of the children and personalize them with their names, using some store bought colored frosting.

* Instead of buying games for the children to play, look online for games the kids can play with very little equipment. Go to your local dollar store or discount store and buy small prizes to give out to children who win the games.

* You may think you will need to provide entertainment like clowns, jugglers, hula dancers or magicians for your child and her friends, but the children will have more fun entertaining themselves. Set up small play stations around your back yard where kids can play with different toys or play different games. If the parents of the invited children allow it, set up water guns and water stations around the yard where children can shoot and refill.

* Instead of inviting your child's whole class to your house, let your child host a sleep over, where they invite either all the boys or all the girls (depending on whether you have a son or daughter). Other than food, sweets and breakfast, you will have very little to provide. Set some rules for how loud the kids can be, where they can play and what time they need to go to sleep and the party will be pretty much self-sufficient.

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