Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for your child's birthday party? Here are ideas for hosting a child's birthday party, everything from sending the invitations to what games to play.

The first and most important step to a hosting a child's birthday party is to get your child involved in the planning. Even very young children can help choose the theme of the party and help select the guests. As your child ages, he or she will play an even bigger role in the planning of their party.

Begin by asking your child about the theme of the party. You can offer basic ideas such as a treasure hunt or a swimming party, but let the final decision be up to the child. Remember, your idea for what makes a great party is not necessarily going to be the same as your child's idea, after all, it is your child's party. Next, let your child help choose which friends will be invited. Limit the number of children your child invites, a good rule of thumb is one guest for every year your child is old. For example, a five year old should invite five friends. This number does not include grandparents and other family members and siblings.

The next step is to choose a day and time and to send out the invitations. Unless it is a surprise party, your child should help with the invitations. If your child is not old enough to address the invitations, let him or her put birthday stickers on the outside of the envelope. As your child ages, let them fill out the party information. Eventually, your child will be able to complete this process from start to finish. This not only allows your child to be involved in planning the party, it's also a great way to teach kids the proper way to address an envelope. One final note on invitations, you probably should ask guests to RSVP. This allows you to buy the right number of prizes for games and to make sure you have enough cake and goodies for everyone.

What birthday party is complete without games to play? BINGO is always a winner and good for children of almost any age. It's a good idea to play several games and make sure you have lots of prizes so no one gets their feelings hurt and ruins the party. There are several different variations to BINGO. You can make game boards by cutting out pictures out of magazines, such as Animal BINGO, or you can hand-make cards using stamps or stickers. Use beans, Cheerios or candy as card markers.

Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, or a variation, is also a great game. If the children are too old for this, you can buy a poster of their favorite celebrity or athlete and have them put stickers on the poster. Blindfold each child, spin them around a couple of times, and point them in the direction of the poster. Musical chairs is also a fun game to play and if you have the space, children love pinatas. Just make sure everyone stands a safe distance from the child aiming with the bat or stick.

Allow your child to help decide what treats to serve at the party. Obviously, you will have a birthday cake, but you may want to serve ice cream as well. If you want to try something besides cake, make a cupcake for each child. Set up a decorating table and let each child frost and decorate their own cupcake. If the party will last several hours, you may also need something more substantial to eat such as pizza or sandwiches.

Giving each child a goody bag has become a tradition at children's parties. This can be an expensive addition to planning your party and usually the items are quickly forgotten and discarded. If you are playing several games, allow the prizes and candy from the games to replace a goody bag. Have a bag for each child, with their name printed on it, and let them fill their own bag with prizes.

Opening gifts may be your child's favorite part of the party, but it's important to teach good manners. Have someone in charge of writing down each gift and who it was given by. Within one week of the party, have your child send a hand-written thank you note for every gift received. This is an extremely important part of every birthday. Never underestimate the importance of good manners.

Birthday parties are an important part of your child's life. Almost every adult can remember birthdays from their youth. While it's not difficult to host a successful birthday party, it does take planning. Just remember to include your child in as much of the planning as possible. This way it truly is your child's party.

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