Children's Crafts to Make a Stained-Glass Window

By Ashley Kurz

Elaborate stained-glass windows may require the expertise of a professional glass artisan, but you can create several types of crafts to resemble the brilliant windows that are often seen in cathedrals, century-old homes and churches. Use a few different materials to allow your children the creativity of their own stained-glass designs.

Tissue Paper Window

Create a stained-glass window with paper to hang in your actual window or on the wall. Draw a window shape onto black construction paper and cut the center out, leaving the paper that borders the window intact. Cut a sheet of wax paper the same size as the original sheet of construction paper. Cut small squares from several different colors of tissue paper and glue them onto the wax paper with white glue. Arrange the squares to spell words, create pictures or just place them randomly. Apply white glue to one side of your construction paper window frame and lay the wax paper, tissue-paper side down, over the frame. Allow the glue to dry and flip the paper over to reveal your stained-glass window.

Edible Candy Glass

A translucent stained-glass window pane made with candies is lovely -- and edible. Cut a sheet of wax paper to fit into the bottom of a round cake pan. Crush several colors of hard candy. Place the wax paper into the cake pan and layer it with the crushed candy. Place the crushed candies in groups of color or spread them randomly in the pan. Bake the pan in an oven at 325 F to melt the candies. Allow the candy to cool and harden before removing it from the oven.


Clear colored beads make great stained-glass window panels. Line a shallow baking sheet with wax paper and heat your oven to 350 F. Arrange clear plastic beads on the baking sheet to make pictures, messages or patterns. Bake the pan in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes, checking the beads for melting every 2 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and let it cool once the beads have melted into a sheet of stained glass. It will harden as it cools.


Make a simple stained-glass window with cellophane. Cut a large sheet of cellophane and draw the framing for a stained-glass window, with sections divided, using a black permanent marker. Color between the black lines with different colors of crayons. Cut around the outside of the window shape with scissors. Use the colored stained-glass window to hang in your own window or use in dollhouses and dioramas.

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