Children's Museum In Indianapolis, Indiana

Children's Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Children's Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana is the largest in this country. The Children's Museum, which is the largest in this country, has expanded and added...

The Children's Museum, which is the largest in this country, has expanded and added a 25 million dollar "Dinosphere." It's a huge permanent exhibit and has rare fossils. It has a fossil of a baby dinosaur as if it was hatching and time stood still. So it's got 100% of the bones, which is incredible and then you see fragments of the eggshells surrounding it. So it's really neat from a paleontologists' standpoint. It's an incredible place to visit from that standpoint, but it's also very hands-on for kids. They are encouraged to touch. They have a dinosaur dig area which is kind of a large sand box for kids. They go in with their little goggles and tools and they dig for their own bones which are plaster cast. And then they have a life sized nest where kids put on these dinosaur costumes and pose and they go and protect the little baby eggs that are in there and so that's a real fun thing to do. And that's just part of the museum, but it's the newest part the newest expansion. The Children's Museum has four separate floors. They have the scientific area where children can build their own little boats and then race each other. They have blocks where you can build things. They have various traveling exhibits that come through there as well. They just had a Norman Rockwell Exhibit that was very, very popular. So it's more than just the "Dinosphere."

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