Children's Speech Development

Children's speech development: dealing with 'baby talk'. Here are some suggestions for coercing your child to speak in manner more suitable to their age.

Is your child still talking baby talk? It's not unusual, and you can change him to talking like a big guy: perhaps my suggestions will help you along with this problem.

Remember, don't be too stressed about this: it is

totally normal. Think first about this: have you

been baby talking back to your child as you might have when he was a small baby? If you catch yourself doing this then you'll need to stop now.

Remember, baby talk is natural and normal even though it may drive you crazy. First of all, let's try your saying to him, 'Well, I just don't understand what you are saying, you'll have to say a big guy word or words.' Then don't respond until he starts telling you in a different manner:

it will take a few times.

You can sit down with your child and say 'Well, I just don't like to hear you talking like a little bitty baby as you are now a big boy': tell him how grown up he is and how proud of him you are. Say he is potty trained and wearing big guy pants and still baby talking, tell him that now

that he is going to the bathroom like a big boy he needs to stop talking baby talk as he is really a grown up boy.

Chose some little chores for him to do, say picking up a few toys and putting them in the toy box and praise him, saying 'You are so very big now, putting your toys away after you play and sometimes without me even telling you to pick them up. Now we need to stop talking this baby talk': this may help to change him to a 'big boy.'

Let's also realize that sometimes children will hold onto their childhood as long as possible: especially if he has a younger brother or sister, he will think he will get more attention if he remains a baby. This is not unusual. Maybe you'll need to take more time with him each day and repeat words that will replace the baby talk. Try giving a few more hugs when he does use the big guy words: remember a little extra love and attention go a long way. Tell him when he was a baby you really thought this baby talk was so very cute but now it just isn't cute and that his friends have stopped talking baby talk and they won't understand what he is saying. They will want to play with him much more if he can talk like a big guy.

Don't sit and let yourself be stressed over this baby talk, just be patient with your child and try my few suggestions.

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