How To Find Your Child's Talents

Find your child's one special talent. Here are some things parents can do when the child is young to find and promote their childrens' talents.

All of us are born with at least one special talent, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, humor, stage performance, artistic abilities, intelligence, or athleticism. You may or may not already know some of your child's own unique talents. Here are some things that you, as the parent can do with and for your child, starting at a young age to find and promote your child's talent/talents.

expose them to a lot of things

don't push them into something you want or you may miss the boat

play different kinds of music for them

read to them

give then lots of picture books

give them blocks to build with

give them simple puzzles, work with them

give them time alone, with a watchful eye, of course

make simple instruments with them, such as a tamborine, drums, or even two sticks

support them, listen to them

watch them or listen to them practice

be open, don't force them to be in something they don't want to be in



watch them

build self confidence

learn what kind of learner they are

find out their temperament introverted or extroverted

read to them

lots of books

give them pen and paper

be open to exploration

let them be creative

give them lots of art supplies, paints and large paper

skating, biking, swimming, throw the ball to them

tumbling mat




enroll them in lessons of any kind you can afford and/that the child wants to be in

art lessons

singing lessons

let them try and fail

let them do what they like not what you want them to do

Don't be afraid to let them try and fail, if need be. Be supportive. Don't be critical or demanding, however, do build character traits in them such as responsibility, dedication, determination and diligence, good working habits and enthusiasm. When they see themselves succeeding a little, they will want to do a lot. If they truly love something, they will stick with it. The beauty of natural talent is that the child will already have a knack for their talent. It will come to them, without even thinking about it. It will be a passion for them. Developed talent can lead to great successes in life: emotional happiness, increased self esteem, as well as, possibly financial benefits. There is nothing more rewarding than getting paid to do something that you love to do anyway. Last, but certainly not least, be patient. Even natural talent is like raw ore, it has to be refined, but it is still there, in all it's beauty, underneath, within.

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