How To Choose The Best Hair Highlight Colors For Asians

I will explain the best coloring options for highlighting asian hair, as well as aftercare based on this hair type.

When considering highlighting options for Asian clients, it is always important to look at texture and color saturation.

Most Asian clients have dense, extremely thick hair, which is extremely straight and somewhat coarse in texture. The natural color range can be anywhere from deep auburn to a true blue-black. Generally Asian clients are in this color family unless the hair is previously color treated.

If the hair has a cool undertone, as in the blue-black spectrum, options for any highlighting should veer towards lightening with a cooler tone. If the client wants blond accents, it is vital to make sure that you opt for a blond tone that isn't too warm or brassy. The color range here is anywhere from platinum to ashy, depending on the lightening affect desired. Any other color option will make the hair look washed out or unhealthy. A few bold highlights through the crown of the head in platinum can give a striking contrast. It is important not to overdo it because the effect can be dulling, if highlights are made too sparse throughout the head. The idea is to accent what is naturally there, not to mask or diminish. Excessive highlighting on this hair type can look drab.

For warmer hair tones, such as deep brown or auburn hair types, the options are more varied. Deep brown hair may be highlighted with colors in the red family. This look is lovely, and extremely complementary, looking very natural. A deep rosewood hew in fine highlights all throughout looks wonderful, and gives the hair a depth and luster. If the client opts for a bolder look, they may want to consider thick lightening in bold red chunks gathered more toward the crown. This lends more of an edgy look. Blonding is also an option, but it is important not to overdo it. Warmer blondes in the gold spectrum lend well to this hair type. Highlights all throughout or gathered toward the crown are again an option depending on how natural the client wishes the effect to be.

Toning is a vital step in making sure the hue matches the clients color type. This is a separate treatment after the initial highlight application. It makes certain that the color is balanced. Cooler hair types will need this service if opting for blonde, to insure it's not too brassy. The toner is mixed to the opposite color so that it is balanced {much like an artist's palate, i.e. blue toner would keep the hair from becoming too yellow etc.)

Asian hair types take well to coloring, because the hair is generally strong and resistant. It may take a longer process time though, because of this. The hair reacts well because it is not easily weakened. Therefore bleaching takes longer.

After care with a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair is vital. Clients opting for red should strongly consider this, because red dyes tend to bleed and fade out more rapidly. Don't wash excessively as this can strip the color. Generally highlights are maintained over a 6-week cycle depending on how rapidly the hair grows.

All in all, highlighting can lend a depth and texture to hair that is too dull and monochromatic. Asian hair benefits well from this process given the colorist is well informed, and wise to this hair type. It can allow for exciting and transforming options!

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