How To Choose The Perfect Climbing Roses

This article tells you wnat to take into cnsideration when choosing climbing roses for your garden.

Summer wouldn't be the same without climbing roses adorning your garden walls, arches, and fences. These flowers, carried singly or in clusters, come in a spectacular range of colors and sizes. Their old-fashioned charm is perfect for the cottage garden. So how do you choose the perfect climbing roses for your garden?

First of all, consider color. The color of the roses should fit into the general scheme of your garden. And if you use the roses for cutting, the color should also be constant with your interior d├ęcor. You don't want climbing roses that clash with the other flowers in your garden. You are striving to achieve a harmonious, natural look for your cottage garden. Climbing roses should neither overpower the colors of the other flowers, nor be oppressed by the color of the other flowers. You want them to blend in. Think of a symphony. Each section blends with the other, yet somehow manages to have its own special sound. You want to achieve that with your flowers, too. Choose colors that accentuate the other flowers, yet look lovely on their own.

In addition to color, you should also consider the shape and scent of your climbing roses. You should choose climbing roses whose eventual size would fill their available space. You don't want a huge bare wall without enough roses to fill out, nor do you want a wild, overgrown rose bush that overshadows everything else around it. And think about smell; of course you want lovely, fragrant roses, but you don't want a garden full of competing scents. Choose lower-fragrance varieties if you other strong-smelling varieties and strong roses if there are few or no other flowers with strong scents.

Depending upon the size of your garden, you may want a brief, but stunning display of climbing roses, or you may choose more modest, but longer-lasting one. This, too, depends upon the other flowers in your garden. If you will have a large bare spot in mid-to late-spring, you will probably choose to have a long-lasting display of climbing roses to take the spotlight off the bare spot. However, if you have a garden made up of fairly modest-looking flowers, nothing too stunning, or flowers that bloom extensively in mid- to late spring, you may want to draw attention to your garden with a lush, but brief climbing rose display.

The key, really, in choosing climbing roses is to take into consideration the rest of the flowers in your garden. You want roses that will accentuate your other flowers in color, as well as in size. So now that you know what to look for in climbing roses, here comes the fun part""go shopping!

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