How To Choose The Right Neighborhood

questions to ask when choosing a neighborhood

When choosing what neighborhood to live in, you must consider many things. It is important to make sure your chosen neighborhood it is a good fit for you. Here are a few important questions to ponder before purchasing.

* Does the neighborhood fit my personality? You must consider whether you enjoy a quiet country setting or the constant buzz of a city atmosphere. If you choose a home contrary to the kind of setting you prefer, you may end up moving again in a short amount of time. For example, living in a planned community with a neighborhood association and rules, may feel too constrictive to you. While for someone else, the idea of everyone living by certain standards makes them comfortable.

* How far is the neighborhood from my work, and is it worth the commute? A long drive to and from work may dampen the joy of that special neighborhood you have fallen in love with. On the other hand, the setting may be so great that you will be willing to drive an hour or more.

* What are the neighborhood crime statistics? Get a police report and find out the details of the crimes that have occurred in the neighborhood. Walk the neighborhood during both the day and the evening to find out if it is safe. Check for graffiti and other signs of criminal activity.

* Is the neighborhood in a good school system? If the schools are not great, what is being done to improve them? This is important whether you have children or not. You should purchase a home near better schools if you have children for obvious reasons. However, remember you will need to live amongst children from inferior schools even if you do not have children. Schools are an indicator of the direction the neighborhood is going.

* How are the property values in your neighborhood? Look at more than the current home values. Check to see if the value of your future neighbor's homes have increased or decreased over the last 10 years.

* Will there be future development in your neighborhood? Be aware of present and future construction, and especially the type of construction that will occur. Higher property values, traffic problems, loss of privacy, and an increase in noise, are just a few changes that can occur. Not all of these changes are bad, but you must decide how you will feel should they happen.

* Will living in the neighborhood be costly? You will need to budget for association fees if you live in a gated or planned community. Some neighborhoods have extra taxes either because the schools are better, or because the area is historic. Be aware of hidden costs of the neighborhood you choose. Should you decide to live in a city neighborhood, you may have to deal with theft, or the result of possible crimes. On the other hand, living on a golf course community may mean struggling to keep up with a certain standard of living. You may even need to give your children a larger allowance and more belongings for them to fit in with the other children.

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