How Do I Choose A Window Treatment Designer Or Consultant?

How do I choose a window treatment designer or consultant? Be sure to check into your window treatment designers qualifications when making your final decision. There are qualifications. The certified window...

There are qualifications. The certified window treatment consultant was a very intensive course. It covers everything for windows, not just the decorative part then it goes through the safety issues, it goes through the history of windows, the different periods of window treatment coverings, for styles of the core and all the different products. I definitely recommend somebody new to the industry, even if they are not new to the industry, to take that course. I do recommend that people look for that when they are searching for window covering professional. There are a lot of people out there who think "oh I could... I can sell some blinds, I am good with the color, and I can do window treatments." There is so much more to that than just being good with color or being good with you know picking out fabrics. There are considerations to be made, for example, if you put "X shade" up will it work with the other things in the room or what problems will you have later on down the line if you put silks without lining. There is just so much more things you need to know. The people who are certified are going to have that with their name and they should have it on their web site, it should be something you should and tell the customers. Don't be scared to ask what your decorator's qualifications are. There are some other things you can do to ensure you are picking the right person, for example; I would ask to see a portfolio of the person's work, referrals are always a good thing. I do some work for builders here in town so my clients can always go see some of the models that we've worked on recently and that can help people see my style.

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