Choosing A Baker For Your Wedding

Tips for choosing someone to bake your wedding cake.

Trust me when I say one of the most fantastic parts about your wedding will be the wedding cake. Sure, the photographer and catering are vital parts of your wedding, but after you realize you will not get to eat much before the wedding or during the actual ceremony, that single taste of wedding cake you have with your spouse will be heaven. As you prepare for your wedding of the century, here are some things you will want to look for in a baker and some questions you will want to ask during your interviews.

One of the best ways to choose a baker for your wedding cake is to ask other brides (friends and family members) for their recommendations. Sure, you can skim the phone book and pick a random cake maker, but you will want a quality cake for this momentous occasion. If you are new in town and have few people to ask, get online and find a local bridal message board and ask brides on there for their suggestions. Bridal fairs are also fantastic ways to get business cards and ideas on local cake makers.

When you do set up interviews with your cake makers, one of the first questions you will want to ask is if there is a possibility to sample their wares. It doesn't matter if a cake maker creates the most beautiful designs on the planet if the cake doesn't taste good. Most cake makers understand that the cake speaks for itself, so they will usually have samples on hand for taste-testing, or they will host tasting parties for brides-to-be. Also, you will want to ask the baker what types of ingredients they use. Some cake makers stick to simple boxed cake mixes while others bake from scratch. You can count on the homemade cakes costing a bit more, but also tasting a lot better.

Ask your cake makers if you can peruse their portfolio. You may have a certain design in mind, and you will want to see if the cake maker's style meshes with your own. For example, you may want a wild and modern design, but your cake maker's portfolio may only demonstrate his/her ability to handle traditional designs. Will the design you have in mind be a gigantic leap from the cake maker's typical style? The portfolio will show you a wide range of the cake maker's abilities, so be sure to ask to see it.

You will want to ask your baker if they do custom designs or if they simply offer a few standard styles from which to pick. If you have been poring over wedding magazines (you know you have been!) and want to have a cake made just like one you saw in your magazine, you need to know if the baker is willing to attempt a new style.

Once you have narrowed down your list of bakers, be sure to ask what the total cost of the cake, including all extra fees will be. Some bakers will nickel and dime you to death, charging separate fees for delivery, mileage, setup and rentals. Be sure to ask about ALL hidden costs so that you have a good grasp on how much the cake will cost. Most bakers will charge you by the slice, while others will simply charge based on how large or how detailed the cake is.

If you have picked a style of cake that utilizes fresh flowers, ask your baker if they will be providing the flowers or if you will need to ask your florist to do that. If the latter is true, you will want to make sure to set up a time for the florist to come in after the cake has been delivered to decorate.

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