Choosing A Car Seat For A Newborn

Buying a car seat for your newborn is not difficult if you know what safety features to look for in a quality infant seat.

Newborn babies have delicate bodies and have not fully developed their neck muscles; therefore they need a safety seat that offers support, safety and comfort. Even the most cautious drivers get into traffic accidents. Parents tend to be more aware and drive carefully, especially when children are in the car, but accidents happen and sometimes the circumstances are out of your control. Shopping for an infant car seat should not be taken lightly. Ensuring the safety of your baby is first priority.

Many manufacturers claim to offer the best and safest car seats, but in order to make sure you are getting what you pay for you need to do your homework. There are several sources you can check to get information about car seat safety and product recalls. Start by reading reviews and comparisons on infant car seats. Popular baby sites and baby specialty stores offer information about different brands of car seats. Most even have consumer reviews that can be helpful for parents to share their views and opinions with other parents.

Some key safety features you should look for when choosing an infant seat are:

· A five point harness""this is the safest kind of safety belt

· Includes a tether strap""this strap secures the seat from launching forward in a collision

· Has proper padding and inserts""the baby needs to fit securely in the seat and have support for his/her head and neck.

· Adjustable base to fit the seats in your car

· High safety rating by consumers and the Federal Safety Commission

Here are some examples of reviews and comparisons of several infant seats:

1. Britax Companion""fairly new on the market. This car seat offers a five-point harness, enhanced side impact protection, adjustable base to ensure perfect fit in the car and an anti-rebound bar on the base to reduce movement in a crash. This car seat was rated best choice on an infant car seat information site.

2. Peg Perego Primo Viaggo""this car seat features a base equip with a latch system which allows the seat to easily attach to a stroller, has a 5-point harness and an adjustable carrying handle. It was rated as a good choice among consumers and product testers.

3. Graco Snug Ride""has a 5-point harness, front adjusting harness straps, an infant head rest for comfort and support, and an ergonomic carrying handle. It was rated as good choice for convenience and safety.

4. Combi Tyro-Crimson""this seat has a 5-point harness, air mesh fabric seat cover and EPS impact foam for superior crash protection. Consumers and test panels rated it a superior choice.

When shopping for an infant seat, remember most infant car seats for are made for babies up to 20 lbs. You should always rear face an infant because of neck support issues. Shop around and make sure you do your homework before buying a car seat for your newborn. Once an infant is over 20 lbs you should transfer them to a convertible car seat. When they turn a year old they can face forward without concern. Car seat shopping can be enjoyable if you know what to look for and what kind of car seat you need to buy.

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