Choosing The Best Ceiling Fan

A discussion of the types of ceiling fans available on the market and a few hints on choosing the best one for your needs.

Whether remodeling a room or your entire home you want quality and beauty without spending a small fortune. Usually you can compare prices and find sales for everything from lumber to wallpaper. Certain products are likely to be on sale during particular times of the year but not during other seasons. For instance, finding a ceiling fan on sale usually means summer is over. If you're looking for the best deal on a ceiling fan autumn or winter is the time to purchase. If your needs are more immediate consider that some stores are pricier than others.

A discount department store usually has the cheapest prices when it comes to ceiling fans. The fans generally come in the 42" or 52" sizes - with or without light kits. The 42" fans are ideal for small bedrooms, kitchens or baths with the larger fans being more suitable for living rooms or dens. Department stores usually have a limited selection of fans but if your aim is to find an inexpensive fan that works and looks good a department store is a good place to shop.

Home improvement stores also carry a selection of ceiling fans in the standard sizes with the most popular features. The fans are comparable to the department store varieties but are often priced higher. Home improvement stores usually have a larger selection and you can sometimes find higher quality products.

Lighting stores carry the top of the line in ceiling fans but are somewhat pricey. It's not unusual to find more decorative fans of higher quality at a lighting store. Etched glass, decorative blades or even remote controls can be found at some of the other stores but the quality of the wood or glass is the difference. Fans with solid wood blades and globes with thicker glass are some of the features on fans at a lighting store. A larger variety of colors are on display at lighting stores whereas other stores often carry simply brown and white choices. If your goal is to choose only the best in ceiling fans check out some lighting stores locally or in big cities.

When deciding certain features that are a must when it comes to ceiling fans think of the room in which it will be mounted. The fans can be wired to a wall switch but if there are no wall switches in that room a good choice is the remote control-type fans. A small remote allows you to turn the fan on and off as well as adjust the speed of the motor. The fans feature a pull chain whereby the fan can be controlled but if the ceiling is high it will be nearly impossible to reach the pull chain. Some people tie a scarf or string onto the fan to make it easier to pull but this can look tacky in some decor.

If lighting is dim in a room where you'll be installing a fan or there is already a light hanging consider the light kit that can be purchased with the fan or separately. The former lighting can be removed and the fan with lighting installed in its place. The fan must be installed perfectly so that it doesn't sway during operation. If it sways even slightly it can cause the light from the bulbs to move and bounce around the room. This is annoying to say the least.

Most ceiling fans provide what the customer had in mind: beauty, functionality and quality but some are definitely made better than others. Go online and read what other customers have said about their own purchases to get an idea of what brands or models might be best suitable for your own needs.

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