Choosing A Corset Girdle

Wearing a corset can be like wearing a vitally enhancing second skin, that can give the wearer a fabulous figure and the body support and confidence to enjoy it.

Marie Antoinette wore one and remained statuesque as she partied and invited her subjects to eat cake.Scarlett O'Hara had one and it gave her a legendary 16-inch waist.Mae West donned one and her memorable figure still haunts men lusting for an invitation to, ""¦come on up and see me some time".Not to be left out, Madonna wore one to "Vogue" and jumpstarted a career.What do Marie Antoinette, Scarlett O'Hara, Mae West, and Madonna have in common with hundreds of women AND men?


A corset is a functional undergarment designed to cinch and slenderize the waistline, providing you with a more narrow body silhouette.Different from waist cinchers and other simple foundations, corsets are more structured, and designed to mold the body.Corsets can be worn to offer a training effect to your midsection and provide back and posture support.Sexy and fabulous in the bedroom, flashy and sensational on the runway and in video, they hide flaws and enhance body shape under clothing.

Corsets are available in a wide and sophisticated variety of fabrics and materials, ranging from satin and silk, to PVC vinyl.Mass produced corsets, made of lycra, and spandex panels, and other fabrics may have plastic or metal stays for shaping, and hook-and-eye or zipper closures.Custom made corsets are usually made of multiple panels of quality fabric, lining, and an interlining.Stays or boning may be steel spirals and steel busk for strength and longevity.

Corsets are made for men and women of all body types, shapes and sizes.They can be found in both over the breast and under the breast styles for women, and others, desiring figure support and body enhancing curves.Under the breast styles are available for men, or may be combined with bras for women.For men wanting a plain corset, for masculine wear, Gentleman's corsets are available, and designed to fit neatly under men's pants, if so desired.

Corsets are also available for cross-gender use.Because of the different proportions of a man's anatomy, an under breast, slightly longer style can be combined with a separate bra for best results.Forms or padding may be added, as needed.

Sold by waist size, corsets are most readily available for waists from 18 to 40 inches, with larger sizes available by special order.For a comfortable and secure fit, your corset measurement should be 4 inches less than your actual waist measurement.For example, if the measurement around the narrowest part of your actual waistline is 30-inches, you would typically order your corset in size 26.If your waist size changes, usually by 2 or more inches, and the corset no longer fits snugly, a new one should be ordered.

For individuals with waist sizes of 34 inches or more, a well-fitted corset should measure 6 inches less than the actual waist measurement. This means that a woman who has an actual waist measurement of 40 inches, would need a size 34 corset.

Providing your bust, waist, and hip measurements ensures your are getting a properly sized corset. This is especially important if your bust, waist, and hips are not proportionate.To take your measurements, measure:(a) around the fullest part of your bust, (b) the narrowest part of your waist directly under your rib cage, and (c) around the top of your hipbones, and (d) around lower full hip, for longer style corsets only.You may also need to provide your under the bust measurement and your bra cup size. Make sure not to pull the measuring tape too tightly, and always measure 2 or 3 times for accuracy.For an over the breast corset, you will also need to take your bra cup size and your under bust measurement.The under bust measurement is NOT your bra size.

A well-made corset should fit comfortably at the ribs, waist, and hips.Fit should be firmly supportive, but still allow easy breathing.Remember not to pull your tape measure too tightly, or better still, have a professional do the fitting at your tailor or even in your local department store's lingerie department.Once you have decided on a corset, fastening becomes highly important.Do not lace or otherwise fasten your corset too tightly the first times you wear it.Given time, your corset will mold itself to the curves of your body and give you years of comfortable and satisfying wear.

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